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Eva Mendes: Looking Good!


You guys I am in the WORST MOOD right now!

I have been trying to track down some documents I need for my taxes, and Jesusfuckingchrist banks are a NIGHTMARE to deal with. All I want to do is talk to a person! But I first have to punch in all this information about myself and then get passed around to three different people (and repeat ALL my information for EACH ONE of them) after waiting on hold for 15 minutes and being assured repeatedly by an automated voice that Washington Mutual is soooooooo psyched about merging with Chase (LIARS!) and then being asked every two minutes if I want to take a fucking survey. TRUST ME WASHINGTON MUTUAL YOU DO NOT WANT ME TO TAKE YOUR FUCKING SURVEY. I now have a raging headache and I want to smoke crack because that’s the only thing that I can imagine will relax me at this point. Grrrrr. Is it really THAT HARD to streamline this shit? IS IT??? I’m going to start my own damn bank, and here is our governing philosophy: “Once you give your information over the phone to one of our associates, we will use ‘modern technology’ to pass that information on to everyone else you’re transferred to, because it is absolutely insane that you should be asked to repeat this information over and over again now that we have the ‘Internet.'” I’m so pissed right now I can’t even write.

But I’m a professional! So here’s Eva Mendes looking much more put-together than WASHINGTON MUTUAL’S CUSTOMER SERVICE at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan. Also there: Scarlett Johansson and Kate Hudson, both looking like crap. Freida Pinto’s a middle ground.

I am going to go find crack to smoke now.

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  • aww i had to do that crap last week. i was thisclose to losing it. i was so upset my bf asked me if i MISSED MY PERIOD. poor guy. and bank of america sucks balls.

  • Are you really all that surprised WaMu fails so much?

    They couldn’t even handle being a bank despite having done it since the early 1900s, late 1800s.

  • Eva always looks gorgeous although I hate that dress. Scarlett’s dress is way nicer than most of the hideous floral sacks she’s been wearing lately and Kate should know better than to ever wear shiny pants. And Frieda’s dress just looks cheap and wrinkly.

  • Oh yeah, and all banks suck. Up here in Canada, most people hate the banks they are with but they hate their bank less than they hate the other banks. And everyone knows the bank they’ll switch to the minute their bank royally pisses them off (not just the regular way they piss you off).

    And every year, they make billions in profit.

  • I hope your evening is less frustrating, pets and social lives can help a lot. I actually think Kate looks okay here, happy and healthy and such. I’m not in love with her outfit but she’s not doing the funky washed out and confused look Scarlett is sporting.

  • Aww beet, that sucks. That bank crap always drives my mom nuts too.
    Btw eva’s dress is wayyy awesome.

  • I think with banks, it’s about finding the one that pisses you off the least. They pretty much all suck, in terms of customer service. WaMu won for me because, despite horrible service, they never actually screwed up the money part, which is more than I can say for Wells Fargo or National City. I feel really bad for the actual people who do answer the customer service lines – by the time customers get to that point, they’re FURIOUS.

    • You know, I was just thinking the other day that the way things are going with banks lately, pretty soon there won’t be any left to choose from! It’ll be basically Wells Fargo or B of A, or Chase Manhattan, there’s our choices. I mean if all the small or mid-size banks vanish or get overtaken.

  • Hmmm. I don’t think smoking the crack will RELAX you too much. (Did Whitney ever look relaxed?)

    Fucking banks. BofA isn’t much better.

    I think you SHOULD take their survey…then post it here.

    • Yeah, I think you need some pot, beet. Pot does the relaxing. Crack’s the upper that would probably have you roller-skating to the bank headquarters with an ax in hand. HAHA I can actually picture you doing this without the help of crack!

  • Try It lists the numbers that will get you straight to a human being. I used it back when I was with BofA. Screw those guys, too.

    • Oh my GOD, that might be the best thing I’ve ever seen. I feel like that website is going to change my life. I’m usually practically in tears by the time I get a real person on the phone!

  • Eva’s purple outfit looks like it was designed by Tina Knowles, one of the worst designers ever. Tina’s stuff is like trailer trash chic. It’s a shame she puts Beyonce’ in that crap.

    • “Tina Knowles, one of the worst designers ever.”

      Hahahaha! It is as if she is blind.

      I really want to know if that “design house” is making money. I suspect poor Beyonce’ has been footing the bill on that non-sense. And has lost millions.

      And every time I see Beyonce’ on the red carpet in some horrible outfit… I know her Mother dressed her. Even if she gets to wear a legit designer dress.. she will have on heinous over-sized dangling earrings.

      As sweet as Beyonce’ seems… one would think she would start to pick better clothes.

  • And for the reasons listed above from Beet (shitty customer service) … I choose to use a local owned independent bank.

    I refuse to do any of my personal or business banking with any “chain” bank. OMG I just hate calling a bank and having to listen of fifteen minutes of b*llsh*t just to see if a real person will ever pick up on the line. Which sadly I still have to go through when dealing with new vendors. UGH!

    I do believe tho I have the same level of contempt for the customer service of AT&T. And if I could get around using those jackasses I would.

    Ohhhhh, and Eva looks so pretty. haha! She really is a beautiful girl. Even with that interesting gray sash at her waist.

    And to this day I think, in my truly biased opinion…. Scarlett is a dog. I have never seen her as any kind of beauty. Whose speaking voice even gets on my nerves. haha!

  • See, my first thought was that Eva’s dress was from Vera Wang’s line that she designs for Kohl’s. I used to work there and have keen eye for Kohl’s “fashions”, if you will. This looks exactly like something that would be on the floor of at least three dressing rooms right at this moment.

  • Banks and credit card companies are the anti-christ. The balls of them to ask for a “bailout” when they’re charging people 19% interest on credit cards and $3.00 to take your own money out of an ATM. WTF. The whole country is one big Ponzi scheme.

    • I’m assuming you need to google how banks work. If it weren’t for banks, you’d need to stash your cash inder the mattress where it’s physically vulnerable to all kinds of dangers. Without credit cards, you’d have to buy everything cash and carry around pounds of money everywhere you went. As for the $3 ATM charges, that’s to use OTHER bank’s ATMs to whom they also need to pay. And as for a Ponzi scheme.. do you even know what a ponzi scheme is? look it up, then come back and apologize for being retarded

  • I’m convinced that having to deal with banks and other large companies via call centers and their horrible routing systems is a big contributor to the rise of road rage. I shared this theory with a therapist a few years ago. I’m still waiting for her to publish a related study that will vault her to fame and her own talk show.

  • Omg Beet I feel you!! I’m one my 3rd fucking back in 3 years!!! First I had Bank of America, the assholes who told me I had free checking then 6 months later starting charging me $3.00 a month to keep $3.00 in my account. Imagine being a broke college freshman and having robber barons rape you every month for your work-study money!! So then I switched to Wachovia and those fuckers….you know when you buy something and they use your debit card as credit? Yea instead of taking the money out of my debit account they actually used it as credit card and had the nerve to send me an almost $350 fucking credit card bill!! Then I moved to Washington Mutual who takes the fucking cake. Take tonight for example. I have been expecting an early b-day gift from my brother who is currently in Afghanistan fighting a fucking war. And they inverted my checking account # and sent it to someone else’s account!! Somewhere tonight someone just got a huge cash bonus. They had the nerve to tell me I had to call back tomorrow because their wire transfer office is fucking closed after having my on hold for 30 fucking minutes…..K rant over anyone know of a 4th bank I could look into?

  • i worked for wamu for several years in the home loans department…before they laid us all off…trust me, they suck major donkey balls. i feel your pain!

  • I don’t know, Beet. Perhaps you SHOULD take the survey and give them a good piece of your mind. :) You will feel better! Then you can tell us all about it and we can have a good laugh.

  • The trick is the next time you get to talk to an associate, let them know that you do not have a touchtone phone you had to borrow a cellphone and you have used up someones minutes. If they make a fuss about it ask them if it is a requirement that their customers have touchtone phones and they will stop questioning you. Just let them know you love vintage things and that includes rotary. They will normally give you a direct number. Also Im not sure about wamu, but for most things if when you call you dont touch anything at all and you just wait it out you’ll normally get someone.

  • What happened to her… she’s not wearing some kind of ghastly yellow Birg Bird costume…

  • Beet,

    Switch to a credit union. We switched to BECU last year from WaMu, and we haven’t looked back.

  • My horror story happened today also but with Wells Fargo. Last month I made my credit card payment online as I have for several years. Today I got an automated call saying I did not make Feb. payment and I need to make @ pymts. and also had a late chg, which made me over my limit so I had an over limit chg. too!! I checked my bank statement online and sure enough I HAD made my pymt.-even 5 days early. I was switched to 4 different depts. each asking for all my info and security questions each time and no one can tell me where my payment went. Now I have to take copies of my ck. acct. syaement showing the pymt. and fax to their Research Dept. But I’m sure they’ll lose that too!! I’ve had a headache all afternoon.

  • Sorry for the typo’s! I’m still angry. By the way-back in the early 2000’s I worked for WAMU in customer service. Please don’t take it out on the customer service rep. It’s not their fault. You wouldn’t believe the abuse, cursing, screaming we listened to all day and couldn’t say one word back! It was awful. And, usually, the customers who were the worst were in the wrong because they overdrew their acct. and got an NSF fee. Really.