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Let the Fireworks Begin!


Amy Winehouse has returned to the U.K just days after her beloved Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake was released from prison. As you may recall, Amy has pledges to mend her marriage with Blake despite blatantly cheating on him with another (much more attractive) man, but Blake’s Mummy, Georgette Civil, is not having it.

‘He feels very let down by his wife and he’s proceeding with a divorce,

‘Amy has behaved like a trollop. Since his release there has been no contact.

‘Blake realised the marriage was doomed some time ago and I don’t believe Amy will get round him now.

‘I never want him to go back to her. It would be bad news. He’s divorcing her because she cheated on him and the sooner the marriage is over the better.’

Trollop, eh? That’s strong words coming from the mother of a man that singlehandly hooked a promising young performer on the hard stuff. It’s not as though he’s exactly blameless in the situation. I’m not sure why Amy is so bent on saving this crapfest in the first place – especially after she said this:

In an interview last month, Amy admitted she had ‘forgotten’ she was even married.

She said: ‘Our whole marriage was based on drugs anyway. He looks like me – a right mess. Almost every time I slept with him it was like I was dead.’

This is not going to end until one of them is dead. They’re like star crossed lovers, or they would be if Romeo and Juliet had been drug-addled, disillusioned, underweight, media whores with an acute aversion to bathing.

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  • Can someone loan me one of those new small hand held video cameras? I am gonna make a docu of this shit and become famous.

    “Winehouse: Countdown to the End.”

  • i have to say that i love the blake barrette with all my heart. it actually makes my life a little better every time i see a photo of it. when and if i ever have a boyfriend again i am totally going to make one. i hope his name isn’t too long, whoever he is…

  • I HOPE things do NOT work out for them. Blaaake is an asshole and Amy’s not too much better, but I adore her music and her talent and feel that if they do get back together, it’s going to end with one of them dead and that’ll be the end of Amy’s career, one way or another.

  • like it or not all of her music was inspired by her total infatuation and love for the blakester, i don’t know if she can ever top that album without the heartache she experienced of loosing him the first time around. He might not be a looker but looks aren’t what you fall for are they. additional point is that she’s no looker herself. I think he married her for the money so he doesn’t care as long as he gets his settlement and i believe the winehouse wasn’t a stranger to illegal substances prior to him, they’re both as bad as each other in that respect.

    hey remember when briteny was this fun??

    happy days.

  • Apparently Amy attacked a fellow passenger on the flight home because she thought he was ‘looking at her funny’.
    Obviously her break has done her a world of good ….

  • Love the Romeo and Juliet analogy, but something about these two reminds me more of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.