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Hef’s New Girls: The Mardi Gras Pics!


My Fave. Z-lister. Evah, Ranae Shrider, attended the Mardi Gras party at the Playboy mansion, and posted a bunch of pics of Hef with his new girlfriends on her Facebook page. Man, the twins sure do look bored and stoned. And the third girl just looks like she’s been rode hard and put away wet.

I also included some pics of Ranae as a thank you. She’s always had a rockin’ bod, but her new face looks damn good! Thank GOD someone in LA found a decent plastic surgeon.

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  • aw, I’m watching some girl’s next door ep, and hef is going on about how holly isn’t happy and how he really wants to spend the rest of his life with her. it’s kind of bumming me out. then I remember that he is like 100 and still married so … yeah

    • I was watching it too and I felt bad for him. It’s probably going to be downhill from here for Hef. I actually think Holly loved him.

  • I want to know when Ann Coulter became one of his girls. I am surprise she gave up her black cocktail dress for that blue one….

  • That looks like SUCH a downgrade from Holly-organised parties.
    I’m just grossed by the twins – my sister and I are that age… just… EW. In every way, shape and form.

  • On first glance that first picture looks like a very sad class photo. …What a bizarre atmosphere that is.

  • There are so many disturbing things to look at in this picture but my eyes keep being drawn to the white athletic socks Hef is wearing with his purple satin pajama pants.

  • My eyes are drawn to the plastic titties that the woman in pink is wearing. Ooops, I mean the plastic titties necklace, not the ones that everyone (except Hef) is wearing under their skin.

  • Yes. I certainly looks as if everyone is having an absolutely scintillating time. I count 5 young women who all look as if they would like to blow this toilet of a party and get some shut eye, and one octogenarian dressed in mismatched PHs, white socks and a mask. They obviously have a great deal in common. Why do I get the feeling that their conversation is a trifle lacking in sparkle?

  • I just feel so bad for Hef. I mean….he must feel so empty without Holly, Bridget, and Kendra. I really don’t think the man deserves these new three girls that are obviously with him just for his money. I think Hef is just so vulnerable that he will go to the first piece of shit that comes in his way. Why does he just stay with Mary? I think they are perfect for each other and she’s one of the few that actually cares about him. I would take care of him but not with those girls around, I mean, WHAT ATMOSPHERE! Btw, have you seen them? They look like such pathetic GOLDDIGGERS!!!!!!!!