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It’s Baby Season!

hannigan and denisof 270209

We seem to be rolling into that time of year where it feels like every celebrity’s carrying a human in their tummy.

Up now: Alyson Hannigan, who was spotted strolling with her hubby, Alexis Denisof, in Santa Monica yesterday. Alyson’s due this spring.

I’m still pretty far off from having a human in my tummy, but I was re-watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua on DVD tonight, for a review I’m writing, and I had my own little chihuahua sitting right next to me and my kitties perched on the chairs around the living room, and I remembered that I am DEFINITELY a mother. I swear my little animal children are the cutest things on the planet. And they didn’t even stretch out my vagina when they were born! Totally perfect little family.

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  • I can’t wait to find out the baby’s name. I was pregnant with my second right after we’d watched the Firefly boxed set and was totally going to name my girl River, but she turned out to have a penis, so I named him Malcolm instead.

  • yay, yay, yay! Ever since I heard she was pregnant I have been waiting to see some pregnancy pics of her and I love seeing them together :)

  • I love when I catch an early Buffy ep and see them in the same scene and I think “you two will be married and having babies in the fuuuutuuure!”
    I’m such a geek.

  • I totally LOVE how many of you are Whedon fans! This is the greatest post ever!
    And Alyson looks simply adorable with her belly. I love her, and I wish her all the best with her new baby!

  • Wesley and Willow!

    I didn’t even know these two were married.

    *sigh* There goes all my Alexis Denisof fantasies.

    Congrats and I wish you both the best with your baby!

  • I’m with you, Beet–the only kids I plan to have are furry…or scaly…or uh, feathery.

    Alyson looks great, though, and it’s nice to see her happy!

  • adorable – a buffy marital union!! now all we need is Buffy and Giles [no idea on real names here people so go with me here] to get married.

    I think having pets is lovely – but they are not children and i can’t stand it when people say they are the dog or cat’s mummy. It’s such a shiver moment!!

    i’d love a pet, but i’d be the owner not the mother of it. haha