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Jerry Seinfeld To Launch Reality TV Series


Jerry’s back with a new show based on marriage.  With the working title of The Marriage Ref, it has one of the most terrifying concepts I’ve heard in awhile.  Picture this:  celebrities and athletes will observe couples in the midst of marital discord and-I’m not sure if I can even communicate this with a straight face-counsel and advise the married folk on how to solve their issues.

I personally would consider any relationship advice doled out by a celebrity or athlete the equivalent of inviting dysentery into my life.

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  • I can’t stand this idiot. I still remember the remark he made of the lady who was suing his wife on the cook book. Also wasn’t his wife married at the time they were dating???

    • she quickly dumped her fiancee for him or something. i remember that comment too and i remember thinking, what a jerk!! don’t forget how he defended michael richards N word rant on DAvid LEtterman…pa-thett-ickk!

  • Wether you like him or not, the fact that he has had such success and fame in the past cannot be denied, so why on earth he would subject himself to something so ‘Jerry Springerish” is beyond me.