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Rachel Bilson’s Engagement Ring: Love It or Leave It?



Rachel showed off her engagement ring for the first time on Monday, as she did some grocery shopping in LA.

She got engaged to her Jumper co-star, Hayden Christensen, back in December, but the news just broke last week.

What do we think of the bling???

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  • Eh. I prefer my little half carat to that. But i guess if you work with your hands a lot then that just looks like a pain in the ass. I love my crafts too much

    • You’re right. Yes its nice looking but very plain jane…

      Pretty much says, “I got this because I didn’t want to put out too much effort.” Snoozefest.

  • I hate rings. All of them. I will be happy if I can keep my wedding ring out of my pocket for the first year of marriage. I opted out of an engagement ring.

      • no. I have his grandmother’s diamond ring, but as I have lost at least 3 very expensive rings in my life, I wont wear it! I have never even put it on (its too small).

  • I am not a fan of the whole tradition of giving your wife an expensive ring like this. Is she a prostitute or your partner for life? What exactly are you buying? Give me your vagina and I will give you expensive jewelery?

    Yes, yes, I am sure many women will be offended by my comments. The whole tradition of an expensive ring and a wedding is ridiculous.

    • Completely agree. I am getting married, but I am not having a wedding. 2 witnesses and a registry are enough for me – my love isnt going to get stronger with the stress and headache of a wedding.

      Plus white is soooo not my colour!

  • I hate to say it, but I agree with you DP. The actual marriage is about so much more than the ring or the wedding…but let the kids have their ideals while they still can.

    As for her ring, it’s okay. I prefer more of a band.

  • I agree totally DP…I hate people trying to make me feel like there is something wrong with me because I don’t want it all.

  • Dear Rachel,

    Thank you. Thank you for finally going out and buying some kind of ring to make this whole engagement thing look more real. I think even your most ardent fans and people who want to believe that you and Hayden are actually a couple were having a tough time understanding why you have not worn an engagement ring the entire two months you have allegedly been engaged. I mean, I would think you would be excited and thrilled to be engaged and would love showing off your ring to the world. Wasn’t Hayden upset that you had not bothered to wear it even once over the past two months?

    Whatever it was, I think your decision to go out and buy one this past week was a great idea. These are the things you need to think about before you have your publicists announce an engagement. It isn’t as bad as Hugh Grant forgetting the ring in Four Weddings And A Funeral, but it doesn’t quiet the rumors when you have been photographed a million times since the holidays and have never been photographed once wearing a ring.

    Now, with you flashing that ring directly into the eye of the camera lens, people can stop wondering if you are really engaged. If you go to the trouble of wearing one you must be engaged right? By the way, can I just say that you are buying enough groceries to feed an army. You are like a one person stimulus there.

    As I have said to you before and offered many times, I would be happy to sit down and discuss with you your engagement to Hayden and to share your joyful news with the world, but I doubt you will sit with anyone to explain and I sincerely doubt that ring will last on your finger much beyond the date of the premiere of your next movie.

  • Oh please ladies. You’re telling me that if your man popped the question with this huge gorgeous ring you wouldn’t love it? And you wouldn’t wear it all the time? Lies. If you had the financial means to do it like they do, you’d be all over that shit.

    I think it’s beautiful and I’m happy for her. Unlike the haters.

    • i second that. so true. all these girls are just compensating for their lack of hope of ever getting that. too bad.

  • She had better like the ring becasue she bought it for herself. Like Beet said when their engagement was announced – HE IS GAY!

  • love,

    an engagment ring is somethng you have to ware on you hand for the rest of your life (hopefully) and a solitar is the classiest, more traditional option.
    her’s looks like a 2 carat tiffany setting.

    mine is a 1.5 and i love it. my hubby did a great job picking it out.

  • It is very plain and un-interesting to me. My now husband was looking at diamonds and choked. Good for him I am a sapphire lady. My ring is very unconvetional and then added the wedding bands to make a wide gold ring with a large blue-jean colored sapphire. In the process we saved about $20,000 and I got a 2 carat stone. He thanked me. Yes, I am a blue-jean wearing lady 90% of the time. The only diamonds are my earrings for everday wear. Thank you to my ex. LOL. A plug to the jewelry store. Cross Jewelers and yes they are on-line and have a wonderful line of jewelry. Mine by the way is the Mary of Burgundy setting. I also have a back-up wedding band in 18k to wear when working. It is personal preference and practability. I would snap off a tiffany setting.

  • I think it needs a little bit more on the sides but other then that i like it. I am happy that Hadyen found someone that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. I LOVE Hadyen and I know for a fact that he is not gay and for those of you who think that he is you are just jealous that you can’t have him. I have an engagement ring and I think the hole idea of rings and a wedding is a wonderful and spirtul way of two people joining together in Holy Matromny. When I get married even China will know about it. Thanks for Reading NTMH