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Lisa Rinna Is Totally Sober

Lisa Rinna hosting Oscar red carpet action in between swigs of two buck chuck.

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  • What the hell happened to this womans face ! I actually got scared a little when I first saw it. I wonder if people tell her she looks great ? I just can’t get over it.

  • I was very dissappointed that Lisa kept her two main assets under cover during the entire Red Carpet show. I have come to expect seeing her two swaying, golden, pendulous orbs on display. Hopefully, she’ll let the girls run free if she actually does that Playboy layout in a couple of months.

    • Mate, what’s with all these sexual comments? The odd one is funny but you’re coming over a wee bit perverted…

  • Lisa looks like an Alien from the Planet Joan Rivers!! Totally ugly, gross and fake from ALL ANGLES. I had to turn the channel because I couldn’t stop throwing up every time I saw her overly plumped up lips and face. Poor Harry Hamlin….I can only imagine what she looks like in the morning with plastic surgery puffiness plus alcohol bloat. Not pretty! Lisa needs to join Plastic Surgery Anonomous! To sum up her Oscar night: Butt Ugly!

  • I can’t believe this is the image that TV Guide wants to portray. I would suggest moving up Maria Sansone from the pre-show to replace Lisa Rinna. Maria is naturally gorgeous and a much more polished host.