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It’s Always Fashion Week Somewhere in the World


New York Fashion Week may have wrapped up, but now it’s Madrid’s turn.

Coincidentally, my boss injured himself recently in what I’m sure was a very intense game of flag football, and so he’s been all drugged up on pain killers lately and neither reading my blog nor returning my emails. I think he’s safely out of the picture for the next few days, so I get to run the pictures of Andres Sarda’s GORGEOUS and AMAZING lingerie show without having to blur out all the nipply parts. This show is so creative and artistic and beautiful. I love it. Plus: NIPPLES! It’s just going to be The Nipple Beet around here until my boss is back at work. This will teach him to get injured.

I also think one of these models is actually a man. I want to see if you guys agree.

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