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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Pictures Photos

Samantha Ronson's Dog Pictures Photos

Awww, quality time, 2009-style.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson both gabbed away on their cell phones as they went shopping at a jewelry store in LA yesterday. Also present: Samantha Ronson’s dog. Jesus, you have to be spending a lot of money at a jewelry store in LA for them to just let your dog hang out on their fancy carpet

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  • Ring shopping! Ring shopping! This really needs to happen. I need some entertainment, damnit! I want to see the 2nd (ish) lesbian divorce!

  • These are two of the most boring, uninteresting and unattractive “celebrities” ever! Yay, shes wearing new boots or sunglasses!! Yay I get excited over stupid shit because I’m retarded. Yay!

  • The top photo is messing with my head. Does Sam have an icky little, uh, ponytail in the back somehow?

  • The Evil One wonders if the dog was gracious enough to leave a hot, smokin’ steamer on that purdy carpet?

  • I would let that dog drag its butt across any surface in my house just for existing. Bulldogs (that’s what that is, right?) are SO freaking cute!

  • Beet, there are other photos of Lindsay and Sam from the jewelry store with really cute pda. You should try to show those photos as well.

  • I love these two and I have no idea why I mean they don’t really do anything except maybe think too highly of themselves. Well, Lindsay does anyway. I think Samantha was sooo hot before she got with and just as she was getting with Lindsay seriously that chick knew how to dress in that lovely boi way now she just looks ill. but I still love them and would do both ;-)

  • “Secret” you pay in jewelry.. for buying OTHER items you don’t want to show a record of purchasing.

  • Has anyone else noticed the odd resemblence between SamMan and Lindsay’s Dad? Sigmund Freud could have a field day with that one….

  • did la lohan get rid if those extensions? please do lindsay and keep it red! I love that they have a bulldog- they should train it to attack those stalking paps arses so they can get some privacy every once in awhile!