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EVEN MORE American Idol Money Dramz


See, this is the problem with handing a young person who’s never had money before a potentially lucrative career — they have no understanding of the fact that the money isn’t guaranteed to keep coming. Fremantle ought to make these kids sign an agreement saying that a portion of their earnings every year goes to paying for a financial adviser, because they don’t really seem to be champs at managing their own cash flow.

Just like Fantasia before him, Ruben Studdard is in a ton of debt, because he hasn’t been paying his taxes.

In fact, Ruben owes $254,119 in state and federal taxes, including a $60,469 lien filed by the IRS on February 4 of this year for 2007 taxes.

Why didn’t you pay your taxes like the rest of us do, Ruben???

Meanwhile, Clay Aiken’s been dropped by his record label, RCA. Clay’s 2008 album, On My Way Here, sold 159,000 copies in the United States. His 2003 debut, Measure of a Man, sold 2.78 million. BIG DROP.

I hope he’s at least been paying his taxes!!!

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  • Wow, not paying his taxes… Maybe Ruben’s just positioning himself to run for Congress or the Senate? Maybe even a cabinet post?

  • Paying one’s taxes is overrated. (just kidding, Uncle Sam)

    I like the “Clay Aiken Parts Ways With RCA” spin. Yes, Clay Aiken stayed up many nights pondering his future, before he concluded that he needed a change. Clay Aiken ‘parting ways with RCA’ is the equivalent of some dude who works in a cubicle getting a pink slip, fifteen (supervised) minutes to clean out his desk, and a security escort to the curb.

  • they also need to make them sign a contract that they will not spend all of that money on botched plastic surgery.
    kelly pickler would be lucky if taxes were the worst of her problems.