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Crazy Octomom: Watch the Interview!

In case you missed the Dateline interview with Crazy Octomom Nadya Suleman last night, we’ve got it here for you on Evil Beet.

Part 1 is above, and the rest is after the jump.

Happy gawking!!!

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    • Apparently, she had a shitton of plastic surgery to make herself look like Angelina Jolie. Seriously.

      I’m just amused that she had the money to get her nails done, and denies being on welfare even though it’s public record that she is.

  • I just dont get it. How could she afford to pay for school and stuff for that many children?
    I think she is sooo selfish. I dont care why she did plastic surgery or get her nails done, even if she would be rich, i think she better spend/spare the money for her children.
    Imagine when they have to go to school/college. 2 working parents can hardly afford one really good education, how about a single mother with a student loan to pay and 14 kids. Thats just freaking crazy.

    • Oh and btw, is there any chance they could put a giant cork into her vagina?
      Because i dont believe her “im done with children” thing.

  • At least the duggars can afford their family and can afford each and every child they choose to have. This woman is just insane.

  • i find it really horrible how she can barely even touch her children properly because of those disgusting nails. where are her priorities ???

  • You should add that Miss Nadya now has a website asking for “DONATIONS”.

    When will this needy b*tch learn her lesson? why hasn’t CPS taken her children away if they have shown the conditions which her children are LIVING IN on TV!. Its a filthy mess! isn’t that enough of a reason to investigate? not just that but, Nadya has nothing to support her cashbabies.

    It just makes me so angry to see her so calm about freeloading on everyone around her and putting her kids through hell. Make that doctor PAY FOR ALL OF IT and not everyone else because of this stupid skank.

  • To those thinking of donating to her because you feel sorry for the babies, think about this: How do you know she won;t use donation money to have MORE children????

  • What is getting me is that no one is talking about this angle-
    She already has three children on disability. All the octoplets were born underweight and needing ventilators etc. So all eight will probably get disability checks for at least a year.
    So that is 11 checks at 700 or more a month each.
    Or about $92,500 a year in disability. And she gets disability for her back. We’re not talking chump change here.
    Sure, of course she doesn’t take welfare. Welfare pays less.

  • puff – good point. $92,000 will buy her a whole lot of plastic surgery! ok, can the media please stop giving this bitch the attention she so desperately craves?

    • I was actually wrong, California’s SSI payments are closer to $800 a month. So it’s more like $105,000 a year. I wonder if she’ll give her mom any of that in return for her help. Quirkygirlkitten had a good point, how much will actually be spent on the children and how much on her procedures and possibly more kids? She already admitted she was going to defraud the federal government by using her student loans to support the children. When you apply for those loans you have to sign a statement that you will only use the money for school and if you have more than you could use for school you are to return the excess. Guess the rules just don’t apply to her. She had said she wanted the kids to feel a connection and have a bond. I thought “join a support group!” Good God, what if the children grow up and hate her? Sometimes children do and sometimes for no reason. I feel so sad for these kids bascially brought into the world to make mommy feel better.

  • Um…her site leaves a place for the public to leave donations?????? This woman has acrylic nails!!!!! Where the hell is this $$$ coming from.

  • before the last time she did it she says “if this doesn’t work then i’m done” ….it didn’t work in the first place naturally, she forced pregnancy on her body. she also states that children are a gift from god and as far as i can see she was “blessed” with not being able to have kids. why would she defy god? he obviously does not want her to have kids. also…if she is so religious isn’t it a sin to have children out of marriage? I am not sure of this, is that true though? can someone clarify?

    • You make a good point regarding religion…to be honest i think that she is just using God as an excuse as she may think the American public will turn a blind eye when religion is her motive

      however as shown the responses all seem to be against her…it is very sad that this has happened for her poor children, if they all do survive – which i hope they do – they will surely live on donations

      And if this is the case, she is a terrible role model, children should be taught to earn a living rather then simply ask for donations

  • This woman is proof positive that parent licensing is the way to go. What an @$$#@%#! Her children should be removed from her, given to loving families, and this woman should be put to work in a Social Services office for the rest of her natural born miserable bloody life. She’s not religious, or a saint, or sane. She’s a class-1 grade-A all-American JERK and guess what? You’re paying for it. Congratulations, world, you’re the in-absentia father of fourteen bound-for-ADHD children. Disgraceful.

    True about her issues; it would have been cheaper for a nationalized healthcare system to pay for her counseling and possible medication for whatever the heck is actually wrong with this current atrocity of a human being.

    And who is going to get to take care of the kids? Well until the public schools in California can be forced to babysit and attempt to cobble together some semblance of a set of functional humans from the detritus they’ll be handed, you and me, baby!

    I’m as leftist as leftists come in terms of sociopolitical ideology, but this turns my stomach as exactly what nutso Republicans look at when they say “Welfare State.” What a joke. Lock her up and throw away all fourteen keys.

  • What!! I am an American currently living in Japan and this is the first chance I had to see the interview!! I am speechless! I just witnessed crazy presented as sane. I have two children and I am married and it is at times a struggle. Before I married I did the single mother route without welfare because I had (fortunately) a great job but I still had to work my but off! What dream world is she living in? How great of a counselor will she be when she is so clearly screwed up herself? This is a disaster! I do not like to hear of children being taken away from their parent but this is an extreme case. They need to remove these children at once. Unless some super rich philanthropist takes her under his/her wing she does not stand a chance of making even enough to suport these children. Maybe TLC will let her have a show that they pay her for so that these children do not suffer.

  • She is clearly unstable, however there are many parents out there that are as unstable if not more than this woman. That doesn’t make her a bad parent.

    The anger I sense here is that the majority of you are upset that she is receiving government assistance. IMO, I’d rather have my tax dollar go to her, to help her raise her children, than to Bush’s wars that Pres. Obama has inherited.

    Politics aside however, the facility who catered to this woman’s outlandish requests to use ALL her frozen embryos needs to accept partial blame and should be investigated for misconduct and possible malpractice. When you have other physicians saying that implanting SIX embryos is wrong, you have to ask the questions, “What was that doctor thinking? Is HE sane?”

    Christian fundamentalists ideology also plays a role in this. Her excuse for NOT choosing to destroy the embryos was the same BS excuse that Bush made when the embryonic stem cell research bill was shot down – “you don’t destroy babies.” You can’t agree with Bush’s reason for not approving that bill and then bash this woman without being a hypocrite.

    Thank you for your time and now, feel free to bash me for being a crazy liberal.

  • I think that she needs some mental help who in thei right mind would have 8 babies after already having 6 i had a two parent household and there were 4 kids including myself and my parents had to work soooooooo hard to support just four and she doesnt even have a job give me a f-ing break she sould have all of her kids taken away because she has no means to support them at all i mean if she is so hard off that she has to set up a website for donations then she clearly can not afford that many children.