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Does the Octomom Want to Be Angelina Jolie?


The Huffington Post has an interesting piece today on Octomom Nadya Suleman — apparently she’s had plastic surgery, and it seems like the surgery was intended to make her look more like Angelina:

Both women are 33 and are mothers to arguably, at least for now, the two most famous broods in the world. They also survived divorce, longed for children and chose to become single parents.

Consider this: In photos of Suleman pre-octuplets out Monday, she looks noticeably different. She has had what appears to be lip implants or filler injections to pump up her pucker. She’s also evidently had a nose job. Both nose and lips now mimic the features of Jolie, as others have pointed out … Suleman already had brown eyes and has now grown her dark brown hair all the way down her back.

But beyond the physical, Suleman chose Ann Curry to break her media silence. Curry has long been Jolie’s go-to girl and has flown around the world for multiple interviews with the movie star, including to Cannes and to Namibia while Jolie was pregnant with Shiloh … Curry flew to California for the octuplet scoop.

I’d thought it was just a coincidence that this chick looked like Angelina … I didn’t realize she’d had surgery to look that way!

VERY VERY creepy!!!!

Thanks Anna!

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  • I don’t know. Feels like they are forcing it too much. I’m surprised that they didn’t finish it with…. “AND…. GET THIS… THEY BOTH LIKE CHOCOLATE ICRECREAM!!!!!!!!

  • my civics teacher was telling me that
    this woman had had some psychological problems
    in the past and had been instated into
    a mental facility before.

    don’t they check this stuff before
    impregnating the women?

  • she’s very pretty – surgery or not. It’s her choice to have the children or no, and she’s supporting them is she not. Middle america – tut tut

  • this woman is the epitomy of crazy. even if this whole ‘she wants to be angelina jolie’ thing isn’t true, which has the makings to be true, she’s every bit of c.r.a.z.y.

  • i already said all this in the last post about this wack-job.
    she has some serious mental issues. and im not being mean, but she has an obsession…to say the least.

    • yes, and now these children will suffer from her delusions. it’s sad and frustrating to read and think about.

  • I think she looks more like Dania Ramírez, an actress who was on heroes. But honestly who cares who she looks like? The point of it all is, this woman is out of her mind and needs all parental rights to be taken away from her

  • OMG! The night I saw the interview with her I was with a friend and said, “Damn what happened to her face?…. Holy crap! The kids, the nose, lips and hair…She’s trying to be Angelina Jolie!”

    And my friend Becca responded with, “Dude…You’re totally right!”

    And I thought I was the only crazy blog reader to notice this, and wondered why no one else had picked up on that immediately. True story guys, you can ask the bartender at J.D.’s Bait Shop, a dive bar in Denver, Colorado. Peace!

  • i’m now starting to think that China’s ‘one-baby-per-parent’ thing might not be that far off the mark. hmmm

  • It’s clear to me that this woman has a pathological personality disorder and is possibly dangerous. What happens when the media attention dries up and the reality of 14 screaming pooping babies sets in? Will she turn into Andrea Yates? Social Workers should monitor this nut ASAP.

    • my bad i didnt realize the article had some before pictures, but really the ones at celebitchy show it so much more obviously.

  • My mom made a comment about that today.
    If Angelina Jolie had a retarded younger sister…it would be this woman

    • Yep, they’re autistic/retarded. The multiple births is known to lead to a high risk of mental retardation. So the taxpayers will have to provide millions to pay for special ed for them as kids and SSI for them as adults. This is the most selfish irresponsible thing I have ever seen in my life. The state should SUE the doctor for reparations.

  • I noticed today when I saw a story about her on Access Hollywood that she had her nails done and yet she was telling Anne Curry that she is having trouble “providing” for her six kids at home. I don’t know about you, but if I’m having trouble providing for my kids, I don’t go out and get a manicure.

    • I totally agree, nails are the first thing to go. Then if we’re totally strapped I start cutting and coloring my hair myself. The kids gotta come first man. WTF.

  • If she truly is psychotic… Child services will take these kids away from this woman, then AJ can adopt them. No huge issue here.

  • do you fucking believe this shit?
    we don’t want to hear your opinions on the what’s going on in the media, we just want to know.
    and its pretty sad if you believe all of that bs.

  • “Suleman already had brown eyes and has now grown her dark brown hair all the way down her back.”

    Angelina has blue-green eyes, not brown. I’m just saying. These little details annoy me.

  • I find it more and more extraordinary that this woman was able to receive fertility treatment and was not referred to a therapist in the first instance!

  • First of all, let me say how sorry I feel for those babies and all the Suleman children. They will suffer because of their mothers choices, sane or no.

    I think it is extremely sad and unfortunate that the children will most likely remain in her care, because CPS does everything humanly possible to keep the children with the parents or in this case parent. even if Suleman is mentally ill, she will most likely receive couneling and treatment before they ever remove any of her children. So, unless she takes steps on her own to adopt the children out, they will most likely remain with her. And it is the children who will suffer, not her.

    Suleman is one of those people, I believe who has no problem profiting from her children, If indeed it does cost 13,000 per year, per child, to raise them. (13,000*14=182,000.00) Then a media deal is her one and perhaps only option that will insure a somewhat stable environment for the children. If you can call TV stable.

    On the other hand their have been other reality TV parents who have exploited their children for their own selfish gains. Million dollar homes, trips to Hawaii, the list goes on… And it is clear to me that this type of behavior has gone way beyond the point of parents trying to raise and provide for their children, it stongly smacks of greed. I think Suleman is a self-indulgent woman who has though nothing of the welfare of the eight, let alone the six she has at home.


  • Octomom will suffer due to her obsession with Skank Pig HOlie. Sorry ass Octomom never heard of Celbrity Spin control and did not realize that Skankie was a false idol! Angelina is whore filth and it’s to bad that so many lunatics want to be her! Innocent children will suffer!

  • You all are jealous at how Hot Nadya is, She lives just down the street from me , and I asked Her out a few times, She come around..Until then people get a life…She’s Hot Looking, Very Pretty Girl, so just leave Her be.

    Jai Ho

  • What the rubbish discussion.Just remember one thing Nadya got plastic surgery because she delivered 8 kids. And how can anybody compared Nadya’s figure with Angelina….Angelina is hottie.Nobody can be compared with her……..Nadya not at all.