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Forget About Chris Brown For A Minute…


Can we issue a warrant for the arrest of Gwyneth Paltrow’s stylist?  Her Grammy ensemble left me dumb and blind for several minutes.

Also behind the scenes at the Grammy Awards, Nicole Kidman’s facial muscles have left the building, Queen Latifah is still working on her healthy weight, Leann Rimes’ husband struck the “Yes, she’s pregnant!” pose,  and Katy Perry’s performance dress completely cancels out all the positive that had been accomplished by her red carpet look.

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  • It really annoys me because her hair looks nice but really doesn’t suit her long face shape. She should really get a fringe. And better clothes.

  • I actually liked her look! It is a ridic amount of silver… kinda disco ball-esque, but I liked it! She looked fun!

  • If she wanted to pull off the “firecracker” look i owuld have liked it if she set her hair on fire to add to the effect.
    Fucking amature!

  • i love the outfit!! but she looks ridiculous in it. i think she’s the type who takes herself waay too seriously to be wearing this sort of thing.

  • I think that all of that Botox is slowly turning Nicole Kidman into a forever smiling, stone statue of herself. When the process is complete, she can be placed upon a pedestal and eternally worshipped by us lesser mortals. That should make her happy.

  • Considering how much this obnoxious hag hates America I’m suprised she bothered to drag her stuffy ass over here for the Grammys. I wonder how many perks they had to bribe her with to get her to lower herself to our level? Perhaps they offered her a gold plated jet stocked with caviar?

    • well, I’m assuming Coldplay had noms, no? And I really don’t think she hates America. Regardless, if you don’t prefer the country you are born in, it doesn’t make you a bad person. That’s crazy American propaganda talking.

  • Pain the ass pretentious drop-out from UC Santa B. Hey, Gwenthyh.. you did not go to an Ivy league college like you attempt to came off as! it is lame and you’re embarrassing yourself. Just stop it and get a grip.

  • I love that dress and the shoes. I have a ridiculous love of sequins and metallics so this brings them both together.

    She should have lost the tights. She has great legs and they make her legs look big.