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So many new pictures of Puss ‘N’ Boots today I could just implode.

And she’s wearing BOOTS.

I really like this set of pictures, taken last night at a party for her hairstylist, Andy Lecompte. Something looks different about Linds — she looks very happy, cute, playful. More adult but less old, if that makes any sense?

Plus Samantha was there with her, and they posed together, and they look really happy and in love right now, which also makes me happy.

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  • Um someone styles that rats nest to look like that and she gives them money for it? Jesus Christ in a grilled cheese sammie! this girl needs some mental help.

    Also daily lohan makes me hat lohan even more.

    LOVE BEET! :)

  • The finger in the mouth is killing me. My almost 5 y.o. has been doing a lot of it lately, so seeing LiLo doing it makes me want to lecture her on all the germs she’s putting into her mouth. And then I remember, this is LiLo. She has been putting germ infested stuff into her mouth, nose and who knows what other orifice for years. My lecture wouldn’t do shit.

  • Ohh Lindsay looks so pretty in this pictures, altough I don’t really like the leggins with that dress. Other than that she looks beautiful and happy :)

  • Holy crap! I don’t think I have ever seen Samantha smile before. I was starting to think the was missing teeth or something.

    Also, Lindsey has to do something about the orange face over the pale body. That’s just not cool.

  • She is such a pretty girl with her red hair. I have never understood her fascination with blonde. The red hair just makes her glow.

  • She (Lindsay) looks absolutely amazing. I’d scissor Lindsay anyday.

    …oops, did I say that out loud? Oh well, I totally meant it.

    • You need to quit your bitchin, Klip. For real, I mean every time I see your posts all you do is whine to the Beet about content. Jesus, if you dont care to read Lohan posts, then skim the fuck over them; why you gotta moan and groan around here every single time an artilcle pops up that chaps your hide?

    • Amen Snowblood.
      If you don’t want to read it, then don’t.
      Don’t spend all that time reading it, then scrolling down to make a post.
      Quite pathetic if you ask me.

  • I’m sure Locks of Love could give you the names of thousands of bald children across the world, Lindsay.


  • You’re not kidding, Beet, LiLo is looking fucking gorgeous these days. These are some beautiful shots of her! I’ve been missing the Daily Lohan posts here, thanks for this one. She’s so beautiful with that red hair, looking all happy and confidant.

  • thank you lolly. the word would be trashed. she looks drunk as i dont know what. esp in the second picture….its pretty obvious, my eyes do the same thing when i drink all night long too.

  • GEEBUSSS! SamRo already isn’t the most fetching man/woman on the block, but the freaking faces!!! Always the “I’m tougher than nails/I hate you/I’m so cool I’m like ice” scrunch!! Sammy…Didn’t your mommy ever tell you that if you keep making faces like that, someday it’ll stay that way?! Ro, take the stick out, put away the strap on, playtime is over…And if having your picture taken annoys you that much, step out of the light, the act is beat.

  • i think she should loose the extensions and blonde, go back to red red red and have a fringe. I’d also love her to have a new look/style as the same old leggings and fake hair teamed with bra less see through t-shirts is boring. She needs racheal zoe. REmember what she did for nicole?

    • Racheal Zoe is a fucking Chupacabra, and what she did for Nicole Ritchie just about killed the bitch until she got lucky and got pregs with Harlow. Fcuk Racheal Zoe.

  • I think Lindsay looks gorgeous.
    She may be skinny, but we criticized Jessica Simpson for being fat.
    Let’s just pick one of the other.
    I think she seems genuinely happy.
    I am glad you have the Daily Lohans again.
    They make me smile a whole bunch.

    Ps. I love you Beet.

  • beautiful – seriously? i don;t know…the nasty hair extensions, oompa-loompa orange skin, and clothes that looks like she got them dumpster-diving behind hot topic don’t do it for me. and can samantha ronson stop making the “i don’t want my picture taken” bratty 6th grader face? thanks.