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Sandra Bullock to Become a Full-Time Mommy!


Nope, she’s not preggers — but Sandra Bullock will now be a full-time mom to the daughter of her husband, Jesse James. That’s because the mom of the little girl — a 5-year-old named Sunny — is a porn star who is heading to federal prison. That’s hot!

On March 10, Sunny’s mother, former adult film star Janine Lindemulder, 40, will head for federal prison to serve a six-month sentence for income tax evasion. While Janine is behind bars, an Orange County, Calif., court awarded temporary full custody of Sunny to Jesse.

Does anyone else think it’s really funny that a porn star is going to jail for tax evasion? Like, of all the reasons you’d expect a washed-up porn star to go to jail … she didn’t pay her taxes! It’s the same shit they keep getting Joe Francis on, too. Pay your taxes, people!

For her part, Sandra is already close with Sunny, and they’re often spotted hitting up the playground together.

“I don’t see the difference in having blood-related kids or children who come with your husband,” said Sandra said last spring. “I am very blessed.”

Awww, I love this attitude. I was just talking with a friend last night about how I really don’t care how I come by kids — they don’t necessarily have to come out my vagina and have my chromosomes — I just want to be a mom!

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  • I like her attitude too. I can’t stand when Hollywood goes to great pains to point out when stars’ kids are not blood related, like when Hugh Jackman is out with his ADOPTED daughter and son, or when Meg Ryan goes out with her ADOPTED daughter Daisy, etc. I suppose I’m sensitive since I’m adopted, but to me family isn’t so much about DNA as it is love and caring.

  • The only way the Feds could bring down Al Capone was a tax evasion conviction. Definitely pay your taxes, people.

    • They just commented on that on Anderson Cooper. They can bring down anyone except the U.S. Senate for tax evasion. Apparently they get warnings and the chance to amend.

  • That didn’t work too well for Linda Lavin.
    That Jesse James does look like he isn’t to Sandra Bullock. She should be very careful tossing her successful career.

  • What I find odd about this story isn’t that Sandra will step up to the plate to be a surrogate mommy, or that the porn star is going to be imprisoned for tax evasion, but the fact that Sandra would marry a man that was once married to a porn star. Hello, is that not what is really weird here?

    I could never date a guy that was attracted enough to a porn star to actually marry her. I’m just sayin’…but I am very judgmental.

  • Beet, you are a mom. All kids don’t come with two legs. Some have four… The two-legged ones are easier (so far).

    • ohhhh pets are NOT kids people. like when i say my toddler has been sick all day and i’ve been stuck in the house taking care of him. please don’t say “yeah i understand my cat was sick too” no no no!

  • Sandra doesn’t see the difference because the kid is 5. Wait until her stepdaughter is 10 and the mom is out of prison, then see if she sticks by that statement. I think the underlying sentiment is admirable, but my god, that is so naive.

    Just to be clear: I agree with Charissa, and think that pointing out that your kid is adopted is a jackass move. When you adopt, you actually become a parent, with all the rights and responsibilities of one. Stepparenting is a very, VERY different ballgame. As in, you can probably introduce your adopted child as your actual child without anyone taking out a hit on you. It’s just a very different situation. Best wishes to Sandra, but in most cases I’ve been aware of, it’s really not that easy.

    • agreed. adopting a child and having a biological child are very, very similar, but being a step-mom? not so much.

    • We are a blended family – I gained 2 stepkids at the ages of 12 and 7. It’s 18 years later now, and I will tell you it is one of the most difficult situations I have ever dealt with. It can (and in my case did) work, but you might as well get ready for some really extreme high’s and low’s. Stepmotherhood is very difficult to navigate, even under the best of circumstances.

  • i can see where adopted kids are no different than biological kids but step children are so very different. there’s baby mama drama and “you aren’t my mom!” and all sorts of crap. of course i’m jilted since my step daughter is a PITA

  • In many pics I’ve seen of these two, he looks as if he has absolutely no interest or feeling for her. He’s looking away with what looks like “disgust” almost.

  • I love sandra so much and i think she would make a good mommy. Its not to late to have a baby!