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Quotables AKA Hollywood Is Completely Bitchy This Week


“People are spending too much time modeling for some fucking clothing company instead of acting, and I resent it.  It’s like, ‘Are you going to do the Chanel ad today? I thought you were in the middle of shooting a fucking movie.'”

Sean Penn in a Rolling Stone interview, expressing his disgust towards actors who aren’t focused on their craft.  Pictured above, receiving his Oscar a few years back from Nicole Kidman, his co-star in the 2005 movie The Interpreter.  Oh, and former Chanel model.

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  • Once again, Sean Penn taking himself and his “craft” too seriously and trying to show what edgy, deep, bad-ass intellectual he is. What a whiner! For the overwhelming majority of moviegoers, it’s entertainment before it’s art. He really should learn to lighten up a bit and try to understand that. Movie actors have been shills for everything from cigarettes to TV’s ever since the days of silent film. This is nothing new and it will probably never change as long as there’s money involved.

  • He’s just mad because they aren’t beating down his door to model, due to his face looking like a tree stump.

  • If it is her nipple, I wouldn’t be surprised. Nicole Kidman’s only rival for appearing nude in movies is Kate Winslet. I really think they actually get off showing their fans everything they’ve got. I once rented one of her ( Nicole’s) movies that I had never seen before and made a bet with myself that she would be naked within twenty minutes of the movie’s beginning. Sure enough, nineteen minutes into the movie she was flat on her back, completely naked and getting laid.

  • I kinda agree with him. Actors (and athletes, for that matter) used to be focused on their main career. Now it’s all about corporate tie-ins and overcontrived glamour. Some manage to find an acceptable balance, but not most.

  • Says the man who gives out compliments to Hugo Chavez.

    For an intelligent man, he sure puts his foot in his mouth a lot.

  • Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías President of Venezuela would never let this waste of good acting time dishonor happen to Sean in his country or heads would roll, bodies would acid burn or rot in prison. Move there Penn and have a good time.

  • I agree with him. However, I also think actors should stay out of politics, but he seems to be fine with that arena. What does espousing his political views have do with his craft? Nothing, but it’s great for his ego.

  • He’s an idiot, but a good actor. He was great in “Milk.” The other night I saw him in “Deadman Walking”, good in that too.
    I really hate that dress,amazingly hideous.

  • oooh, could this be a potshot at a current or former costar who delayed shooting for other projects? possibility.

  • Oh, look at me! Look at me! I’m so not a product! You’re an actor…therefore, you’re still somehow selling your image.

  • I’d love to punch that dumbfuck right in the face while wagging my other arm/elbow like Harvey Milk “…I’m here to recruit yooouuuuu!”. God I hate Sean Penn.

  • yeah, like playing someone else shoud make you adored like a god.
    dont understand why they take Nicole for an ad; not a beauty without the photoshop!