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“I’m going vintage on the red carpet. I have lost 20 pounds, so now I can get into vintage, because the women back then were petite. They were very small.”

Fantasia Barrino, discussing what she’ll be wearing on the red carpet at the Grammys. Fantasia has recently announced that she is going back to finish high school, which is a good idea, because this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. She makes it sound like humans as a species have evolved to be larger since the 1920s. You’re not wearing caveman clothes, Fantasia. Like she’s about to mention how gloves fit much better now that her thumbs are opposable.

Female celebrities back then were actually probably, on the whole, much larger than female celebrities today.

But congrats on the weight loss, Fantasia, and, yes, for the love of God, get back to school.

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  • People in general weren’t as fat though. I think it would take a bit more than 20 lbs for her to be in the “very small” category.

  • I get what she’s saying. A lot of the old Hollywood types, like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were so, so tiny. They were a lot shorter and a lot narrower.

    But I also agree with Wendie, it takes more than 20lbs. It’s not about about being skinny, it’s about have a a tiny frame. You can’t lose weight to get that.

    I can’t believe Fantasia was even invited to the Grammys.

    • you can’t really use marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn in the same comparison. marilyn was a lot curvier that audrey, there wasn’t much narrow about her, thus her sex kitten appeal.

  • i certainly can’t fit into 90% of the vintage dress i want to wear.
    dita von teese would have been average then.

  • They were still wearing corsets, right?! A lot of artificial cinching going on. That’s why women were always fainting, from the lack of blood to their extremities.

  • my best friend is related to her.
    they’re like second cousins.

    i used to ask her about that back in the day
    when fantasia used to be cool.

  • It’s true…due to “better” nutrition and IMO the hormones in our meats…women are larger than even those 100 years ago. Shoe sizes are much bigger too.

    She doesn’t look tiny to me though…like in a reese witherspoon or sally fields kinda way.

  • She makes it sound like humans as a species have evolved to be larger since the 1920s

    That’s exactly right!!!!!!!

    You know what else has evolved, Beet? The size and girth of our feet. Vintage shoes from the 20’s-50’s were never any larger than a 7 and about as narrow as a snickers bar. So maybe Fantasia isn’t as dumb as you think.

  • Celebs may have been bigger than celebs today, but the average woman was tinier than the average woman today. and if she has lost 20 pounds in that photo Im positive she wouldnt fit in most of the vintage clothes she would fine. The average woman today is a size 14!

  • Humans have got markedly bigger over the 20th Century. I thought everyone with an education knew that. The only place where they have now stopped getting bigger is the USA, for reasons unknown, but probably due to poor nutrition.

    • Hopefully its because we can’t get any bigger, obesity is the name of the game now. People in the US aren’t growing up anymore, we’re growing OUT.

  • I cannot stand this ignorant woman. What talent does she have? She is as GHETTO as GHETTO gets.

    Why isnt her 15 min OVER ALREADY!

  • You can see how we have been evolving when you go to a very old house and see how low the door frames are. I`m 5`10, which is not rediculously tall now, but any vintage dresses I try on come waaaay above my knee, and are tight at the shoulders and hips. As Im a size 8 I can hardly beconsidered obese at my height. To my knowledge no woman in the early 20th century was my size outside a freakshow.

  • Is that spandex? Not sure that material is flattering for anyone. Hopefully she’s wearing cotton undies.

  • Uh oh… you just looked foolish on your own blog. People in general were on average smaller in the 1920s both structurally and due to diet… pretty sure they didn’t even know about trans fat back then yet were much more active… maybe you should return to high school.