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Holly Madison Blogs on MySpace About Playboy Job Sucking, Then Deletes It

Holly Madison and Criss Angel Being a Douche

Hmmm, I’m not sure what to make of this. Apparently Holly wrote on her MySpace that she quit her job at Playboy because it paid jack shit and wasn’t interesting anymore, but then when I went to look for the entry just now it was gone. Why did she remove it? Here’s what she apparently said:

“When one is trying to move on with their life, it isn’t beneficial to spend so much time on something that doesn’t pay much and sadly enough is no longer rewarding to you,” Madison writes online.

Three specific reasons for leaving: The job doesn’t pay enough for her to commute from Las Vegas, where she now resides to be close to Angel, it’s no longer challenging and it was just plain awkward.

“I never cared about the salary when I got the job – I made my money doing Girls Next Door, and I just did the job because I loved it,” she writes. “It annoys me when people call the job fake as if it was just a set-up for the show.

“If I had wanted a fake career,” she adds, “I would have stuck with the jewelry line because that required very little of my time.”

The entry is now gone, and the most recent one is some entry about her shared birthday party with Criss Angel. It includes the picture I’ve posted above, which is pretty much the best pitch for a reality TV show I’ve ever seen. They can call it Beauty and the Douche. I’ll watch.

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