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Yes Of Course Sam Lutfi Is Suing Britney Spears for Slander


This dude is such a crackpot. Throw him in jail with Joe Francis and let them pop Ambien and poke around each other’s asses all day. Watch me give a fuck. Oh no wait except I won’t.

Four days after the pop star was granted a temporary restraining order against former manager turned meltdown-enabler Lutfi and onetime paparazzo paramour Adnan Ghalib, Lutfi has filed suit against Spears and her parents for allegedly damaging his rep.

While Britney, Jamie and Lynne Spears are all named in the suit, Lutfi claims it was the Spears parents who “began a campaign of slander, libel and defamation aimed at discrediting, destroying and physically and emotionally intimidating Lutfi in order to drive him out of Britney’s life.”

As for the singer herself, Lutfi accuses her of breach of contract and claims she still owes him unpaid management fees for her time under his pill-mashing thumb.

Last Friday, Spears’ conservatorship was granted an order barring Lutfi and Ghalib from having any contact with the singer.

Heh. “Pill-mashing thumb.”

Seriously I am thisclose to a Sam Lutfi ban around here, because I don’t want to help this dude keep his brand of crazy in the spotlight. I’m just worried that a Sam Lutfi ban will make Britney coverage difficult, and I LOVE BRITNEY, but this dude is a douchetard and I hate writing about him.

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  • She’s all they got to make a living..? Come on now.. be creative with so many bimbo’s running around wanting to be stars? Con artists just don’t know when to quit… that is, until they are jailed.

  • You know things like this are the only reason he wanted anything to do with her in the first place. I doubt anything will come of this. Even my grandma knows he’s full of shizz.