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Wanna Make Your Own Christian Bale Freak-Out Remix?


Well, just in case you do, some folks have rapidly put together the Christian Bale Soundboard, where you can sample all sorts of wonderful tidbits from his rant.

Honestly I’m probably not getting anything else done today. All I want to do is play with this and listen to the fabulous techno mix of Christian’s insane rant that Wendie posted this morning.

I can’t wait until it hits the clubs!

Oh, and the other thing I’m going to do today is wait for Christian to issue an apology.

How has he not said anything yet?

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  • I don’t think he should apologize, necessarily. It sounds like that guy was doing it repeatedly, and I can understand why he flipped out. I do think he went on a bit long, and maybe demanding the guy be fired was a bit much, but IMO more people need to get yelled at for fucking up in today’s society.

  • Beet! Remember when this story came out last year though?
    I know the tape was just released but this was a gossip item from a while back. It happened pretty sonn after or before the incident with his rubbish mother.

    At that time i think Bale addressed it breifly and had already apologised that same day to the lighting guy.

    I want to say he bought the guy a bottle of some alcohol scotch? Maybe?

    I want to say that i heard he wont be adressing this tape since it is only new news to us. Well that and HE DOESNT GIVE A FUCK! HE WAS FUCKING SORRY THE DAY IT FUCKING HAPPENED! LETS TRASH OUR FUCKING LIGHTS OUT FUCK!


  • What’s funny is when things like this happen, ppl act as if they’ve never had their buttons pushed to the point where they just went off on someone or got angry. We may go to varying degrees of anger. From a scale of 0-100, bale went to 98, but other ppl will fall between that are even over it. Now it’s like omg an actor has committed the unpardonable sin of being a flawed human being. LOL. Is it harsh? Yes. Is it cringe worthy? Yes. Could bale have handled himself better? Yes. Who hasn’t had a frustrating day at work and snapped at their kids, wife or husband because they’re at a low point. I’m not condoning how the situation was handled but unfortunately stuff like this happens. Who knows what REALLY happened. The portion that the public knows could have been the last straw for bale. Maybe bale had been telling the guy in a more congenial tone what it was he was doing and maybe bale does have a short fuse. We don’t know the rest of it. The truth is that many ppl lack any self-awareness. You can tell them something that they’re doing over and over but they just don’t seem to get what ur saying until you start yelling at them.

    • Agreed! He got angry and lost his cool. It happens. I’ve snapped very harshly at people who don’t deserve it before. He’s an actor, that doesn’t make him perfect! As for an apology, Bale already apologized when it actually happened. How stupid would he look apologizing a second time? It would be like Michael Phelps apologizing 6 months from now for a new pic of him smoking weed coming out. It’s like, dude, it happened, you apologized, it’s over.

  • actually, on an angry scale going from 0-100 with 0 being let’s hug it out and 100 being wayne brady having to choke a b****, this is more of a 60. a 98 would have involved some physical violence. honestly, this isn’t that big of a deal. so he yelled. so he dropped a lot of f bombs. big deal? naomi campbell would have thrown some set lights on the poor guy. what’s an f bomb going to do?

  • Sorry, that last comment got messed up….what I meant to say was:

    Bale’s rant was downright boring when you compare it the shouts and bloody wails of hooligans at British football games!

  • if it did happen around the time when his family stuff happened then give him a break, when that happened he was mourning one of his friends and having family issues so he was gunna be stressed and get angry if some guy kept messing up.

  • while I’m not entirely sure I approve of this soundboard, I am a fan of
    “hey alright, let’s do it again fuck let’s do it again”.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to get the “fuck” in between of the “let’s” and “again”.