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When Pectoral Muscles Go Awry

Jesse Metcalfe shot to fame as Gabrielle’s hot gardner/adultery partner on ‘Desperate Housewives’. He spent an inordinate amount of time shirtless looking a bit like this: 



But now that Jesse has “relaxed’ a bit, he looks like this:



His once taut pecs have now puckered into the sweetest of man boobs. No one ever warns these guys that once they spend all that time pumping the pecs up, they can’t quit. As soon as you stop pumping iron they sag into mini mammaries. Somehow I doubt this will get half the publicity of the Jessica Simpson “Weight Gate”. I’m not saying he’s fat, by any means. He looks like the average college-aged guy with a daily pizza/beer regimen and no regular workout. Still cute, just not greased up, hard-bodied, slap your ass and pull your hair hot. 


A few more angles on the new Jesse…

jesse-metcalfe-chest-hair-01     jesse-metcalfe-chest-hair


Via: Just Jared

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