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‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Takes Top Honors at DGA Awards


‘Slumdog Millionaire’ stars Frieda Pinto and Dev Patel


‘Slumdog Millionaire’ – a.k.a. the little film that could – is back on track to win an Oscar next month. Recently allegations surfaced that Danny Boyle, ‘Slumdog’s’ Director, had taken advantage of the young the film’s child stars by paying them less than their due. Boyle managed to clear the air on that front, and with his victory last night reclaimed 1st place in the Oscar race. Almost every director that wins the DGA award goes on to win the Best Film Oscar as well.

I haven’t seen this film yet, but all the buzz is making me wish I had. A sidenote: Virginia Madsen – No. Just…no. That is all.

Also in attendance:

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  • One of the best movies I have ever seen. Seriously. Everything in the movie is “true” but it is not a true story, you know. It’s the cheapest way you will ever go to India, and see stuff you would never see.

    See it. Amazing.

  • i LOVED this movie. i wasnt sure it would be any good going into it but it was amazing. best movie i have seen in a long time.

  • You HAVE to see this movie. It’s the best movie of the year hands down. Everything is woven together like a fine tapestry. The acting is believable and the camera work is visually exciting. I was on the edge of my seat through much of the picture. I hope it wins best picture this year at the Academy Awards. The picture and all who were involved deserve it.

  • I don’t get the fervor. The actors in it are all well known either in India or the UK (Dev Patel was on Skins, for Christ’s sake and Anil Kapoor is an international superstar), the director has had numerous commercial hits (Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, A Life Less Ordinary, amongst others), and the production company is owned by Fox. It’s not exactly “the little movie that could.” Yeah, it’s a good movie, I really enjoyed it, I just don’t think it deserves all this indie cred and hoopla that it’s getting.

    • yeah but their was an article in time magazine about how it almost went straight to DVD because it wasnt always with fox it started out with time warner but the part of the company that was making it folded.