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Lindsay Still Ignoring Father’s Advice


Lohan and Ronson alert! Whackadaddy famewhore foiled again!

Despite Michael Lohan’s rants about Sam Ronson and her poisonous influence over Linds, the two still appear to be quietly dating. Pics (and Evil Beet reader eyewitness accounts) show Ronson appearing to be alone at her last gig, but the couple were definitely together at the Maxim Superbowl Party so I would presume that the lesbian love affair is still going strong.

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  • The only reason there are all of these wild break-up rumours is because they used to be attached at the hip and now they aren’t. I wonder what prompted them to be more quiet about their relationhip.

    • Well, whatever it is, it certainly says that their relationship is growing stronger. Most couples break up after the honeymoon phase, but these two seem adamant on staying together.

    • The rumour was that Samantha wanted Lindsay to step back from the spotlight a little, so maybe that is what she is trying to do. Plus time alone (without outside pressure) is probably what their relationship needs right now.
      They looked happy at the ESPN party, it all seems to have gone smoothly, and they look happy at the airport – even surrounded by he paps as usual!!
      Hopefully they will continue to strengthen their relationship and stay happy without interference from Lindsay’s so called father, and his blogs!!

  • Maybe they’ve gotten over the early, dizzying, we-have-to-be-together-every-second phase of their relationship (which many new couples go through) and have reached the point of normalcy.

    Having watched Lindsay’s mercurial ups and downs throughout her career–uh, sex life–I’m somewhat cynical about this, but here’s hoping : )

    More realistically, they probably saw a prime opportunity to prove her crazy father wrong and took it.

  • Daddy Lohan wants his daughter to be in Britney’s situation meaning he wants to control his daughter 100% like Britney’s father is controlling Britney. But the thing is Lindsay is not mentally unstable like Britney and Lindsay cannot be manipulated by that crazy ex con.

  • i thought the break up rumors were over weeks ago-they were together at that party at inauguration and at sams gigs along the east coast- just seems they are pictured less by paps- which is probably a good idea- it was kind of crazy there for a while… can’t be healthy for any realtionship to read these BS stories every other day about themselves all over the net.