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All My Jurassic Park Misgivings Are Proving True


Telegraph UK is reporting that scientists have succeeded in using cloning technology to resurrect an extinct animal. Shortly before the Pyrenean Ibex or Bucardo was offically declared extinct in 2000, scientests preserved skin samples of the goat using liquid nitrogen. From that DNA, they were then able to replace missing genetic material with that of domestic goats and actually clone a female Ibex.

Sadly, the newborn ibex kid died shortly after birth due to physical defects in its lungs. Other cloned animals, including sheep, have been born with similar lung defects.

But the breakthrough has raised hopes that it will be possible to save endangered and newly extinct species by resurrecting them from frozen tissue.

It has also increased the possibility that it will one day be possible to reproduce long-dead species such as woolly mammoths and even dinosaurs.


Uh…is anybody else a little freaked out by this? Seriously, WTF?! The hypothetical (but thoroughly probable) powers of film magic have already shown us what happens when the dinosaurs and the people get to mingling. I understand the ‘ooh and ahh’ factor of seeing a real live dinosaur, but lets face it – people fuck things up. We would never stick to just the “nice” dinosaurs, soon there’d be rogue Velociraptors, and pissed off T-Rexs wandering the jungles of South America eating villagers.

I don’t know what kills dinosaurs, but I’m getting myself a flame thrower and building a safe zone surrounded by half full water glasses.

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      That was great.

      I agree that it’s weird.
      Animals die out and new animals are created.
      As cliche as it sounds, it’s part of the circle of life.
      We shouldn’t be bringing back dead things.

      That was great.

      I agree that it’s weird.
      Animals die out and new animals are created.
      As cliche as it sounds, it’s part of the circle of life.
      We shouldn’t be bringing back dead things.

  • I agree, I know this makes me sound hopelessly conservative and even anti-science but…what the fuck? We MADE these animals extinct. And our response is to bring them back to life, in a weird artificial way? How about we make it so more animals don’t keep dying, and leave the freaky lung-defected dinosaurs for the movies? Scary.

  • according to Rodney Carrington, T-Rexs are only pissed off cause their arms are too short, so they can´t jerk off!

  • Oh my god..

    If Michael Crichton was still alive he would be SO UPSET.

    Cloning dinosaurs IS NOT A GOOD IDEA D:

  • No-one can clone anything unless they have a similar genetic ‘mother’. There is no living thing so similar to a dinosaur it can be used to host dinosaur dna – even in an egg.

    • True this, ergo – no dinosaurs will be coming to life any time soon. Don’t Panic, you guys! They can’t clone dinosaurs, no way. What modern animal could gestate a fucking dinosaur? Terrifying idea, and completely impractical.

  • How long before some genius brings back Neandrethal? Oh wait… need, he’s watching the superbowl on my couch hahahahaha.

    • They wouldn’t be able to, for the same kind of reason that dinosaurs can’t be cloned, ’cause Neanderthals were a different species than Homo Sapiens. We’re not related to the Neanderthals, they were actually a separate species from humans. They didn’t make it because the Homo Sapiens evolved in such a way as to be more able to survive and manipulate their environment. Neanderthal people couldn’t keep up, so they died out, and then the Homo Sapiens people became the predominant, er, “human-like” species.

      (National Geographic, I’ve been reading a lot of their online stories lately….)

      • I think that one was more of a joke on the guy watching the game on the couch as opposed to actually wanting a Neanderthal back in existence.

  • Ugh, this is so sick. Think about all the actual life they produced, only so that it could suffer a brief and miserable existence. All in the name of a pointless science-fiction concept.

    Also, how is this entertainment/gossip-related?

    • I know, I thought so too – kept picturing a frantic, panicky woman freaking out in preparation for The Doomsday Dinosaur Apocalypse….

  • if michael crichton were still alive, he wouldn’t be surprised. he had a great understanding of science and mathematics and based the plots of his novels accordingly. in his books he had pages filled w/ numbers of equations and extensive scientific properties.

    i’m sure that crichton was well aware of scientific breakthroughs in cloning long before this “news” hit the internet.

  • Well, when cars were invented everyone went apeshit about how it’s unnatural and people are going to die and it’s against god’s plan and that your skin will peel off your face at speeds exceeding 35mph.

    FYI, scientific progress is a good thing.