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This Has Got to End

The whole celebrity clothing line shtick is played out.  I say this because this man..


..should not under ANY circumstances be dressing other people. 

Toby Keith has decided he has style to spare (HA!) and is launching a clothing line called “T.K Steelman” (a porn name just waiting to happen) according to People Magazine. The line will be comprised of  “casual duds for average dudes” and Keith plans to market to stores like Kohl’s, Target, Walmart and Macy’s. Toby’s impeccably coiffed internal fashionista has designed a line chock full of t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, jeans, cowboy hats, baseball caps, bandannas, belts, leather wrist straps and the piece de resistance – several styles of sleeveless shirts.

Can’t wait to drag my man down to Walmart and outfit him in some oil-rig emblazoned “‘country sexy’ aesthetic”.

More evidence that Toby Keith needs to deal with his own fashion difficulties before moving on to others:

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  • Oh holy crap. This is not going to be pretty.

    I have never seen him dressed in clothes that fit him appropriate. Even when he was 75 lbs lighter. He has always been a horrible dresser.

    Plus I hate seeing a man with flabby arms wearing those awful sleeveless shirts. *ack*

    The only thing worse than Toby Keith coming out with a fashion line…. would be Mariah Carey doing one filled with Lycra glitter skirts and satin shorty jackets.

    • I made my husband throw out his sleeveless shirts before I would agree to marry him. Well, I had already agreed but wouldn’t set a date until those things went.

    • worse yet, he and mariah carey getting it on whilst wearing sleeveless shirts and lycra glitter skirts.

  • O lord. Toby Keith seems like a cool guy, but why do any country singers think they can design clothes! Have they ever looked in a mirror? Please just stick to singing about your farms and pick-up trucks…

  • i may or may not own one of his cowboy hats due to my unfortunate move to the midwest but the rest sucks. SUCKS!

  • Stop being so f**king elitest for gods sake! This line may not include anything you or I might wear but you are totally fooling yourself if you think there is not a market for clothes like this. Get outside your big city, LA, NY self and remember there is a middle america out there. with farms, factory workers and just all around “regular people” that yes *gasp* shop at Wal Mart! Snob much????

    • um, if there was ever anything in the world okay to be snobby toward it’s this clothing line idea. and i live in the sticks.

  • Whatever…obviously there is an audience for stuff like that because he is a BEST SELLING ARTIST. And if this economy continues circling the bowl, sweetie, we’re all gonna be WISHING we could afford Wal-Mart clothes. People wear sleeveless shirts, it doesn’t mean they’re on lower rungs of the class ladder than you – especially judging by your need to throw a handful of obscenities into almost every post you write.

    • um i’ve never heard of this guy… but that may be because i don’t really listen to country music, which may also be why i would never EVER wish to afford leather wrist straps or cowboy hats, whether they’re sold in Wal-Mart or not. and this site is called EVIL beet gossip, right? not nice-sunny-friendly-all-you-need-is-love beet gossip? just checking..

  • how many different styles of sleeveless shirts are possible? and leather wrist straps… why?!?! to make up for the sleevelessness??? might as well make leather baseball caps and bandanas too, just to make sure everything matches.

  • I think I’m sensing a little bit of jealousy here. Even on most of your best days you couldn’t live up to Toby Keith.
    I’d like to see you all accomplish what he has , then and only then you may have the right to put someone else down.
    It just so happens there are a lot more Blue Collar people out there who happen to like this style of dress.
    If you don’t like it that’s fine but let those that do have their way to.

    And if you really knew anything at at all about Him you would know the meaning behind the name also. But it might hurt you ignorant brains to learn something instead of critizing.

    • Hush. Calm down. Be still. Relax. You are really adamant about the Glory that is Toby Keith! Well I think much differently from you, and I have the right to my opinion. thankyouverymuch.

      I can and will rip on any self-proclaimed “designer” who boasts a line containing the likes of sleeveless t-shirts and cowboy hats. It’s not very innovative. Last I checked cowboy hats and sleeveless tees have been seen on the interstate highways for the past 20+ years. It’s fine if it’s a success and people all around the Midwest get to wear the coveted garb. I have no problems with that. I don’t care about the hillbillies that want to wear this junk. I don’t care as much as they don’t equally care about how I dress, or beet dresses, or Lindsay Lohans boots for that matter.

      And on another note; If I wanted a sleeveless shirt so bad, I would grab a tee shirt and cut the sleeves off… and I am sure many a farmer trying to resist “the tan” will do the same before rushing to Target/ Khols/ Wal-Mart.

  • I am from Quebec, Canada (that would be the french province above NY state.. :) ) I moved to Kansas in 2005, needless to say that the I got a taste of “country culture” pretty fast… I had never seen that many pick up trucks all at once!!! and well, I have to admit that even if my family doens’t do the country style at all,(we ride sports bikes…cowboys hats dont qualify as a safe helmet..LOL ) a lot of folks around here do own ranches, ride horses etc and they love that style! I will also add that some of them can pull the look very nicely. I can appreciate the western style even if it is something I would not wear :)

  • lol at the people who are jumping to defend the bad taste of these clothes. i mean seriously, just because plenty of redneck dipshits will buy this shit and wear the hell out of it doesn’t mean its okay. i mean it doesn’t mean that those of us with taste can’t mock it.

  • Who cares……if people want to buy them they will…..if they don’t they won’t…’s called America

  • Okay, Toby Keith can make his own clothing line if he wants. I love the guy and wish him the best. Some people do like these kind of clothes and some people don’t. Honestly people get over yourselves! Its not like he or anyone else actually cares what people post on a GOSSIP SITE! So step off, if you like him then I want to give you a high five, if you don’t like him then keep it to yourself. Lordy!