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Britney Spears Granted Restraining Orders


Britney Spears has been granted restraining orders against her former manager, Sam Lufti, and one-time pap fling Adnan Ghalib. Access Hollywood reports that Britney’s lawyers had a court date for Monday, but went in early – this past Friday – in order to speed up the process. According to court papers Britney requested protection from Lufti and Ghalib, implying that she or her father Jamie may have seen them as a threat to her recent success. A restraining order was also granted against a third man – Jon Jay Eardley – who once claimed to have been employed by Spears. 

Good. As much as she probably hated having her father call the shots at first Britney is definitely better for it. He seems like one person that really has her best interests at heart, and she’s improved by leaps and bounds in the past year. She doesn’t need clowns like Lufti or Ghalib dragging her down.

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  • i think there’s a little more to this story, possibly sam harassing jamie and britney with phone calls and text messages, and attempting to get britney’s attorney changed.

  • Her dad being her custodian was the best thing at that point that could have happened to her – more parents should realise that you don’t cease parenting once the child is an adult. Good for Jamie!

    • lol at custodian. I think you mean conservator, but if you think of it, custodian is actually quite fitting!

      • LOL I totally do! what a spoonerism! 5 years of law school and….

        I was thinking of her as a child!

  • i have come to respect, yes i said it, brittany in the past year. i thought she had gone insane and was not coming back. her father has really done a beautiful thing. i even go so far as to say i respect kevin for stepping up and being the man and father he should be. people throw stones about him taking britts money, but it’s really not a lot considering, and his motives are good. i would like to see them give it a real go, since they have grown so much.

    • NOOO!!! Britney needs to keep her children’s father as safely far away from her life as she can, other than what is necessary at times when they’ve got to see one another regarding their boys, but other than that, Britney needs NEVer to have any kind of romantic involvement WHATSOEVER with KFed, ever ever again, EVer! Her long, super-publicised bout of lunacy and depression began before those two even separated, and her descent into a heartbreaking, lengthy manic depression which culminated in her losing full custody of her babies and being declared mentally incompetent to take care of her own estate and life had absolutely EVERYthing to do with that gold-digging talentless skeeze Kevin Federline. That shit BEGAN with KFed.

      I will NEVER, EVER ever be fooled by a single motherfucking thing KFed ever does for the rest of his idiotic existence, ever. He’s NOT a “good guy,” he’s Britney’s ex-husband who fathered her two boys to insure a nice fat monthly “alimony” in the form of child support payments, especially now that he’s won full custody.

      Since their pre-nup had been so very limiting for KFed, the only way he could hope to get more money out of his divorce was by using his children by Brit, getting majority custody to make it so he would get huge monthly checks.

      And this ridiculous little wigger does not DO a thing. No job, no career, no school. He PARTIES in Vegas constantly, and when he’s not partying in Vegas he’s doing it in the damn Valley with all his wigger and pot-dealer homies.

      Oh, and KFed’s other girlfriend, whatsername, the woman who had several babies with him directly prior to his getting together with Britney “Cash-Cow” Spears? Guess what, that bitch lives in the house Brit ought for her sons and ex-husband, and enjoys the benefits of Britney’s prodigious monthly child support payments, right along with KFed.

      He ABsolutely disgusts me. Fuck Kevin Federline. He will NEVer gain MY respect, I wasn’t born yesterday and I am not fooled by bullshit.

  • I’m so happy that she’s getting her shit back together.
    I think it’s so good her father is doing this.
    Those goons only bring her down.
    She looks great and her music is back to being great.
    I think she can do it.
    And she looks just drop-dead gorgeous in that picture.
    I’m rooting for her.

  • How hard is it to change your cell number? Problem solved.

    And Btw Britney isn’t manic depressive she’s schizo and it’s genetic not K-Fed’s fault. Britney has a long line of relatives who have been in and out of the funny farm.

  • john jay eardley is a classic serial killer name. hope she gets a restraining order against him, too!