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Can We Just Talk About How Everyone Looks?


I’m in that kind of a mood and I’m feeling more than my usual disturbed.

Am I off base, or does Dakota Fanning look way too adult for fourteen?  When I look at these pictures of her at the Push premeire in LA, she looks like a woman.  She’s even doing that Annie Leibowitz/Miley Cyrus over the shoulder glance thingy.  Her face looks young and thankfully she hasn’t had her teeth capped or whitened; it just seems like so much skin for a ninth grader.  As the senior citizen here at The Beet, I’m willing to accept that I’m probably just a prude.

Also there was Kimora Lee Simmons.  She’s knocked up by Djimon Hounsou who has been in Spielberg movies and shit, but will always be the hot guy from the Janet Jackson “Love Will Never Do(Without You)” video. Fugged up Rumer Willis appeared with red hair and Camilla Belle has solidified her position as my new girl crush.  If I was Joe Jonas, I totally would have picked her over Taylor Swift, too.  Okay, I gotta duck out of here before I get the “beet down” for bashing Tay.

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  • Dakota looks so beautiful! I wish her the best and hope that she does not go down the Britney path.

    Also, Camilla Belle, not so attractive. She looks like Joe Jonas with long hair!!

  • Take a look at stupid Ali Lohan as an “Extraordinary Woman” if you really wanna vomit. Remember, SHE’S 15.

  • I wouldn’t say SHE looks too adult. She looks like a sweet 14-year-old girl to me. The question becomes: is the outfit too adult? Hard to say. She’s at that awkward not-quite-a-woman stage where you don’t want to think of her as a sexual being, she’s too young for that. But on the other hand, we dress our 5-year-olds in cute little tank tops and bikinis and think nothing of it, showing just as much skin as she’s showing here. The argument would be, she’s at a film premier, not a swimming pool. Ya, it’s probably slightly too revealing for a 14 year old. But this is the age we live in. Young girls actually aspire to be sex objects like their idols, even young boys do too. Not saying it’s right though.

    • I agree completely. If Dakota were my daughter, the dress would be okay if we got someone to sew some straps on it. A strapless dress is a bit much for a 14 year old.

    • At my Homecoming I will say there were 14-yr old freshmen wearing skimpier dresses than that. The total skin-tight (not exaggerating) only-there-to-barely-cover-your-pre-pubescent-tits-and-ass dresses.

      I guess we can thank society for the outlook these girls have now!

    • It is prudish to dislike inappropriate responses to an underage girl?

      News to me! And. like, law enforcement and other dumbasses.


  • I can understand where it seems like too much skin after 15million pictures. Plus, she’s incredibly pale, so the light blond hair blends and make it seem like more.

  • I love Dakota and I always have. She’s going to be a powerhouse and I couldn’t be happier. She’s been a phenomenal actress and she’ll keep moving up.

  • eh, i think its ok. i think she should have gone with either slightly lower heels or a longer dress. i think that’s why it looks a little skanky. im 15, and i don’t think i would wear that, just because i think it looks a little adult.

  • Okay, Jake – you are a disgusting freaking pedophile – get off this post – we are talking about a 14 year old girl you creep.

    I think Dakota is a straight up class act. We have watched her grow from a cute little girl to a classy, beautiful young lady. It’s such a relief to see an accomplished young woman still dressing and acting they way she does – full of class. The dress may be too open in the back, a little too short and the heels a little high but seriously, it could’ve been worse and if it weren’t Dakota, it would have been.

  • May I just please ask why anyone even takes Rumor Willis photo? I mean, seriously, not only is she hard to look at but what has she done?!

  • I think I’ve seen just waaaay too many photos of Ali Lohan to be the least bit critical of Dakota’s look. Regardless of how much skin she’s showing, no one’s going to be trying to talk her into AARP membership any time soon.

  • uh . . this is how 9th grade girls look these days or have you forgotten how cute you were days/years ago.

  • Dakota looks sweet and cute and is slickly dressed for a premiere. What would you do with her? Pigtails and a Japanese schoolgirl outfit?
    As for Rumor I cut her slack ’cause she’s doing the best with what she has and she looks fine.

    • Yeah, most high schoolers are skanking it up BIGTIME. She looks pretty reasonable. I like that they didn’t overdue her makeup, no need for another tramp in Hollywood.

  • ummm i’m pretty sure everyones already having sex in 9th grade these days… dakota looks age appropriate! have you SEEN ali lohan lately?!

  • I heard a Rumor there was a train wreck there….always feels like the last day of October when I see her…Whachoo tawkin ’bout Willis?!

  • Camilla Belle reminds me of Jackie O, descended from French royalty. Hey, isn’t Prince Harry single again?

  • I think DF looks just beautiful – she doesn’t look slutty – its not like she has cut outs in her dress or anything – my Catholic school uniform was WAAAAY sluttier than this!

    Kimora looks glowy. I love her maternity appropriate shift that still shows off her amazing legs.

    I think Rumer’s hair could be cut better to work with her facial shape – If you hold your hand over her forehead like bangs she looks better, in my humble opinion.

  • dakota is adorable, which is refreshing since she wasn’t the cutest kid. she has that marykate/ashley olsen effect – those were some homely lookin babies!

    • i thought i was the only one who thought that! i couldn’t believe it when i saw them teen-aged and they were…gasp…pretty!!!

  • Uhm.. have you ever met a 9th grade girl? I was one not too long ago and a good majority of girls in my area lose their virginity’s around 12 years old (I am NOT one of them)… so this, THIS is classy. This is stunning for a 14 year old.

    Oh and i had strapless shirts when i was in like 6th grade.. then again i also have no boobs so it was more acceptable. I wasn’t falling out or constantly lifting.

    • Abbi are you for real? 12????? OMFG. That’s not even a teenager yet. When I was in 9th grade NO ONE was doing it. Most girls in my school didn’t even think about it until they were at least 16 and even then most girls were still virgins. And I’m not that old. Have things changed that much?

  • I don’t think the dress is bad. It fits correctly and its a good color for her.

    I also agree that a lower heel shoe, without the ankle straps, would have been more flattering.

    But she really has grown so much and it is nice to see that she does look her age. I wish my skin had been that lovely at 14.

    And at least she is not trying desperately to be older… *cough*miley*cough*

  • It’s really sad that girls don’t have a childhood anymore. When I was 14 I didn’t know ANYTHING about adult matters and now they’re all screwing around with multiple people at that age and doing things that are in dirty movies. It’s gross. I feel sorry for them, you only get one crack at childhood ya know? Apparently the parents have given up their role and are just letting them do whatever they want.

  • I’d hit it. Born in ’94, you say. Let me do the math. Holy s#@%. That knock on my door must be the alphabet police.

  • No way, Soleil.

    It just seems weird that you’re posting this kind of complaint about D.F. just one day after What’s-her-name, the little Lohan sister, was in that photo shoot in NYC. She was wearing a sheer dress and her baby-booies were all pushed up–gross. That bitch also has real bad oldface. It’s just weird that you pick now to register outrage.

    I also think you’re way off, here. My parents would have let me show that much skin for a formal occasion–like a ball I went to in 9th grade. D.F. is managing to transition nicely into young adulthood. I think she looks really pretty here.

  • Without wishing to shoot down all your beliefs,
    I’m British, Guessing a lot of you are from the US,
    If you asked most parents and teenagers over here if that was too revealing for a 14 year old, most people would laugh at you. I’m 19, and certainly if she were younger than about 11 or 12, people would say the dress is about adult, but over here there is not a lot of age stereotype attached to clothes, or how revealing they are, not unless they come from old aged pensioners who wore about 5 petticoats and corsets and ankle length dresses, yes I know that was a huge exaggeration, but the point being over here, and I come from an area with a pretty even distribution of class and wealth, and it would seem where I am girls are unaffected, and perhaps a 14 year old who constantly flaunts her midriff or wears tops that are low cut at the front would be more frowned upon than a strapless dress, certainly when I saw this picture I didn’t notice that the dress had no straps, generally most dresses that girls have worn to formal occasions as I’ve grown up have been strapless, unless the person wearing them is young enough to be playing in a sandpit or similar where this might be a problem. I’m rambling, but it sort of disturbed me how people turn a pretty and successful girl into a sex object when she’s just wearing a very nice dress for one occasion or another. She’s photographed with her legs crossed for goodness sake, is that not enough to show that she’s considering her modesty, unlike Britney, Paris etc. I don’t know what your view on British people is, but the age of consent is 16 over here and as far as I know it is 18 in a lot of places in the United States, perhaps this alters your view of what a 14 year old girl is. I think there would be very few comments on the style of dress from UK residents.

  • I love the dress and shoes, actually. And personally I don’t think it’s too revealing for a 14 year old. I mean, since she’s really slender and doesn’t really have boobs (yet, at least), then it looks cute on her and not at all.. I dunno what word to use– not at all “overly mature”.

    I’m 19 now, but when I was 14 I wore a lot of stuff that was “revealing”– but again, I didn’t think of it as sexual, but since I was a sort of late bloomer, I just looked like a kid. Like when you have 7 year olds with short tights and tank tops in summer. It just doesn’t exude sexuality. (For you know, people that aren’t pedophiles.)

    And I think Dakota Fanning is so much classier and generally more.. NORMAL than other teen-celebs that are roaming around Hollywood. She doesn’t really seem to get cought up with infinite rumers and paparazzi (Miley-cough-AliLohan). She doesn’t seem to crave the attention, but probably just loves acting. So go her!

  • It’s not like she’s whoring herself on guys etc. I think she looks really pretty and not too mature at all. Showing your back isn’t skanky in the way she’s doing it, and she’s not showing her boobs or anything. Heels don’t equate to sluttiness, and school uniform dresses are shorter ;)

  • i think she looks ok for 15..
    the over the shoulder look…i think is forced by the photogs..

    she’s not wearing a lot of makeup..

    i hope/ am sure that she’ll stay that way.
    she seems to have a good head on her shoulders..

  • NO, she doesnt looks adult for 15 years old. The clothes are very pretty, and is normal. And she is very beaultiful and sexy.