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I Want To Meet The Republican Fetishist That Paid 2K For Sarah Palin’s Faux Alligator Cast-Offs


Sarah Palin’s niece auctioned a pair of shoes that Auntie wore while on the campaign trail; they sold for $2025 on Ebay.  Who knew the provenance of Sarah Palin’s GOP foot sweat was so desirable?  Palin has repeatedly stated that she felt she was under constant attack during the days leading up to the direction.  If you’d like the sanitized version (and who wouldn’t?), you can buy the same Naughty Monkey shoes here new for ninety bucks.

As a related tip during these tough economic times, I do a bit of selling on Ebay and have learned that used shoes and socks have a very dedicated following.  If you think I’m kidding, search “well worn socks” and “well worn shoes” in Ebay’s completed listings; seventy-eight pictures of ped porn per listing plus vaguely written descriptions equals big bucks.

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