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9Janet Jackson Postpones Rock Witchu Tour … Again

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After first canceling a shitload of U.S. dates due to “vertigo,” Janet Jackson has now postponed the Japan leg of her Rock Witchu tour, citing “the impact of economic crisis.”

This is the most non-euphemistic euphemism I can think of to say “no one was buying tickets.” I mean, seriously, Janet, next time, just blame sushi.

January 26, 2009 at 10:12 am by Evil Beet
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9 Responses to “Janet Jackson Postpones Rock Witchu Tour … Again”

  1. musicstudent says:

    jeremy piven must have been like, “you idiot, blame mercury fish poisoning”

  2. GetYourAdverbsHere says:

    Please, please God stop making that picture enter my life.

  3. EWWW says:

    She has moved on from the rhythm nation and is now the leader of sausage leg nation.

    We are part of the sausage nation!
    Everybody get back everybody get FAT
    We are part of the sausage legnation

  4. Mamie says:

    she should have postponed while they looked for her neck.

    • Junior says:


      I’m sure it’s wherever Michael’s nose went.

      I think she looks like a treky fan on a budget…a very TIGHT budget. lol

  5. 00zoey says:

    Not a becoming outfit.

  6. PoliteTia says:

    I’m with Get Your Adverbs Here. Please, stop posting this picture of Janet is this awful suite/costume/get-up!

  7. Beet Groupie says:

    Chubby TRON!

    Nice shoulder pads.

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