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First Kids Immortalized in Plush



The President and First Lady are at Oprah status right now.  You do not want to piss them off.

Ty Inc., in the age-honored tradition of increasing sales via controversy, has introduced two homely little dolls named Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia.  They have dark coloring and share the names of the first daughters, but according to Ty’s PR flack, they aren’t modeled after the Obama girls.  Sigh.

Needless to say, the First Family is not amused.  Press secretary Katie McCormick Lelyveld released a statement:  “We feel it is inappropriate to use young, private citizens for marketing purposes.”

Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia join the family of TyGirlz that includes Lucky Lindsay, Happy Hillary, Precious Paris and Bubbly Britney.  And no, that is not an attempt at humor.  These abominations actually exist.

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  • Those dolls actually look really cute and properly dressed, though I do agree that it is really inappropriate. I’d really love to see how those other dolls are dressed.

  • I guess I just don’t get it. Like SJ said, I too think the dolls look really cute. My daughter is 6 & would LOVE, Love, love it if there was a doll made to resemble her. I don’t get what the big deal is.

  • This is where we need a ‘black’ president to say “I KNOW you did NOT just fuck wit mah family, yo! I gosta handle dis shit”

  • It’s called asking permission. Ty didn’t do it. You can’t use someone else’s image/name to make money without their permission.

  • the big deal is that ty is exploiting these two girls by making them into a brand without their consent…. which sounds sort of illegal if you ask me

  • Wow, Ty. At least own up to it. Donate part of the profit to charity. Something. They’re really cute dolls and I can see how little girls are looking up to the First Kids simply because of their position, but Ty could have worked something out with the family.

    • hey they should send the money that they earn to some charity. I love the obamas they are so wonderful and their dad is so great for this country and i think he will definetly make a big change hey erin nice idea. How dare those people who critizies those girlz. what have they ever done to them and have they ever meet the obamas i dont think so . so all of you cool poeple u call youre selfs you r not cool for making fun so pick on no one not even some one youre size cause how would you like it if you where the so young and beign the presidents daughters then having haters talk about who when they have never meet you now tell me how that would feel. and if ty is making fun of them then they should watch it because their dad is the president and who know what he can do and no im not making fun of barack im telling u he is very powerful not that he would hert u but for certian things that could be life threting so you could be put in jail so all of u who gossip stop cause if u think ur cool for doing it trust me u r not cool try going one year without one bully one back stabing gossip rummer and never talking about people behind your back and then see how people treat u and how many friends u will recive but if u loose the cool ones because u r not bulling then they r not your true friends

  • See I don’t think the first kids are “private citizens.” Their father, who has the authority to do so, thrust them in the spotlight. Granted, they should at least call a spade a spade..

    • How are they not private citizens? they are minors and the their fathers choice of running for political office does not mean that they cannot be protected against exploitation.

    • How are they not private citizens? they are minors and the their fathers choice of running for political office does not mean that they cannot be protected against exploitation.

    • How are they not private citizens? they are minors and the their fathers choice of running for political office does not mean that they cannot be protected against exploitation.

  • I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. Most little girls would adore having a doll made in their likeness.

    • yeah but not if people r making fun of u what if their is a heavy girl and some one made a babie as her how would that girl feal answer that but if they werent making fun then yea i would love to have a doll as me

  • Wanna have a big laugh google and see all the items being created and sold around the world to make a profit this family.

  • I KNOW I SAW THOSE AND FLIPPED A SHIT! I can only imagine what Obama is doing right now…Honestly, that is just disturbing. DOLLS? Of your CHILDREN? That’s just weird. I can understand a Barrack doll, or even possibly a Michelle doll…but Sasha and Malia? That’s disgusting and probably some constitutional right or something. They are little kids — we don’t want them getting the Hannah Montana syndrome, do we?

  • I think they’re adorable.

    I also think that making likenesses of ANYONE (or especially their children) without their permission is backwards.