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Viral Marketing for Jesus?


A few days ago I got a friend request on MySpace from a pastor. It freaked me out a little (Pastor + MySpace = WTF?!?) but I figured he was an anomaly. Now I see this:

ROME – The Vatican has launched its own YouTube channel in what is being touted as a watershed endorsement by Pope Benedict XVI of the new media age.

The Vatican YouTube channel,, will feature a selection of short clips of papal messages, produced by the Vatican’s television center and Vatican Radio. 

The Pope is then quoted praising the internet as “a gift to humanity” and went on to expound upon the benefits of social networking sites, including Facebook and MySpace. He does warn, however, that “obsessive” internet usage could lead to “isolation”.

Um…WHAT?! Nothing that gave birth to the social phenomenon we now know as Tila Tequila is beneficial to mankind. Facebook and MySpace are fun, I will concur. But I don’t want the Pope or my grandparents using a application that lures people into taking “sexy” pictures of themselves in a grimy bathroom mirror. Also, I think it’s a bit of a travesty for “2 Girls, 1 Cup” and the Pope to be featured in the same place. But who knows, maybe this will help him reach more people or make the internet a holier place. I just can’t help thinking of “Buddy Jesus” from Dogma. Ick.

Via Variety

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  • Well, hello, new blogger. :) Let me say, I think you’re doing a fantastic job – albeit, I’m exceedingly jealous of Beet’s selection, (I was really, REALLY hoping it was going to be me… lol I guess we all were, really) but I think you’re doing a great job.

    Welcome and look forward to laughing at you in the future.

    Well, no, not AT you, but at your posts.

    You get me. :)


  • Mmmh, this stuff is interesting…and really weird. Anyway, I’d like to say I kinda like it that they’re embracing the internet instead of hating on it, but on the other side, I think it’s just weird to know they have a youtube channel. By the way, I’m an atheist, so it basically doesn’t affect me that much.

      • Hitler Youth weren’t Nazis? Really? I wonder how many Allied soldiers died at the end of the war by the hand of the Hitler Youth or former Hitler Youth that got old enough to be in the military.

        I bet you their dead relatives would argue with you.

        SF=ignorant moron.

      • Perhaps you have also not read enough to know how many Hitler Youth members were forceably recruited. Still don’t trust the guy though. The last pope was adorable. This guy looks evil.

      • Yeah he was forced into the Hitler youth that doesn’t mean he agreed with hitler ideas and beliefs

  • lol.
    I love the “how my grandmother/mum reacted on 2 girls 1 cup”-videos.
    Isn’t there a “royal channel” on youtube,too,where they show clips of the queen and stuff?

  • @donkey punch:
    when i read your answer i was first thinking “oh,damn,did i miss something?”.but then then i did some researchon my own,and found the stuff you seemed to reffer to.funny thing,the german press did,after this “from hitler youth to papa ratzi”-stuff and all the following british and/or american articles a little bit more research and the articles are all saying the same,that he was forced into the hitler youth when he was fourteen,and they were telling a lot more,but i guess it would be useless if i would translate all the articles because you will come up with something like that the german press won’t write bad stuff about the german pope,so i guess this whole thing is pretty pointless,because you have your sight,and i’ve got mine.

    • In all honesty, if you were forced into an organisation that you morally disagreed with to ensure the safety of your family, wouldn’t you join? I would.

      Calling someone a Nazi who was forced could be considered the same as calling someone who was tortured and gave in to the torture a traitor.

      Assuming he was forced, of course.

  • Do you also know the Nazi Pope lifted the excommunication of a Bishop who is a holocaust denier?

    They have a date to go goose stepping together on the Vatican lawn for old time’s sake.

  • Jesus is all about youtube. If Jesus were here, I KNOW he would love the internet (although the ubiquity of porn might bother him).

    • Jill,
      I’m guessing you applied for the weekend editor job and your jealous that you didn’t get it. Don’t be hatin

    • 1) I have to call bullshit on this post. I will give Soleil this, she posts ALOT

      2) I continue to be higjly amused at all these people who make references to “the job that got away” LOL Am I the only non-job-seeking-writer here??

  • WTF people? We’re already getting more posts per day than during the week when it’s just Beet. Give the girl a f#@*ing break!

  • Soleil you are one stupid ignorant fucking ass! I didn’t know whether to call you a cunt or a dick because I do not know what kind of name Soleil is. It doesn’t matter anyways. There are so many fucking things wrong in your thinking about this subject and even twice as many stupid comments I can not believe you were hired. I am never going to visit this site again. I will erase the “Evil Beet Gossip” bookmark 1 second after hitting the enter button on this reply. It is one thing to read the shit others post on this site but I will not tolerate it from someone who is supposed to be informed, an intellect, and all the while humorous. You aren’t any of these. I swear to God I cannot believe your fucking crap. I am blown away that you were hired. You have a fan in Donkey Punch though. Great! another site for ignorant, people hating, religious bashing, uninformed fucking morons. Sites like this are a dime a dozen. FUCK OFF ASSHOLES!!!!!

    • Thats right folks. SimpleJack is just your average Christian.

      Jesus swore and treated people just like him. He is following Jesus’ teachings to a “T”. Well more to a “F” than the “T”.

    • I had to read her post again, yet I still have the same question:

      What the fuck are you so angry about? I seriously have no idea.

      Like…….. are you man because she doesn’t like the idea of the Catholic church having a youtube channel? Is that seriously it? I am so confused by you.

      Does that mean you are pro-religion? Her post didn’t even mean that she wasn’t, in the least. If you are religious, then your ridiculous behavior is disrespectful to God. And if not…. what the fuck are you crying about?

  • But I don’t want the Pope or my grandparents using a application that lures people into taking “sexy” pictures of themselves in a grimy bathroom mirror.

    Yeah, not everyone is “lured” into that……

    I prefer Wendie.

  • it’s about time that other churches start using the internet to connect with people, if you want to win people to Christ you have to go where the people are. My chuch has been doing this for a long time.