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Miss America!

I had no idea this was even on.

Last night in Las Vegas Miss Indiana Katie Stam was crowned Miss America 2009. She triumphed over adversity besting laryngitis, sleep deprivation, and 51 contestants to win the crown.


I think by next year they’ll have installed secret cams in their sleeping quarters and plied them with alcohol so it can join the bubbling cauldron that is Reality TV for real. They already moved the show to Vegas. I’m always a little suspicious of Miss America contestants though because they wear so much make-up. I’m sure they’re pretty, but I want some bare faced before and after shots so I can see how badly I’m being lied to.

 To see all the pics and learn more about the contestants click here.

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  • Wow, that dress is REALLY 90’s. like, early 90’s. Shouldn’t have made it out of the Bush Sr. administration.

  • They did kind of turn it into some form of reality tv, they had some type thing called road to the crown I believe, where they were competing in challenges and stuff that came on TLC in the days before the contest aired.

  • those pageant smiles are so scary!

    makes me think of that movie little miss sunshine (sooo cute) but the kiddy pageants are even fucking creepier, children of the corn styles!
    and totally disgusting also

  • They raise them thrifty in Indiana. She must have taken a lot of Home Ec classes. How else could Miss USA make a gown from her grandma’s lace doilies, and have it be so STUNNING! Though, it needed the stripper shoes with the goldfishes in the heel to pull the whole look off.

  • She was terrible and must have been sleeping with one of the judges or SOMETHING! There were about umm…51 other women who should have won the crown!

  • She is neither pretty nor does she have a nice body, she’s just average … if any

    Btw, I think Soleil is doing great so far. :)

    • Seriously! Is that an average body? If so, I have been working my butt off literally for no reason. I will NEVER have that “average” a body. I might as well resign myself to craptastic.

    • that’s the difference between men and women. a guy would freak out that she was with him. we love robots

  • i think she looks stunning and classy. she had a wonderful personality that shown through more than any of the other contestants. i had a feeling she was going to win. im in full agreement that she resembles rachael mcadams.

  • The only reason I was excited about this program was because my best friend got to go to the show!! She was sitting in in the 5th row and got some amazing pictures!! I even loaded them into my
    digital photo frame and showed them off to everyone already!! Other than that …whatever!

  • Ever since I had to work winners of a national beauty pageant…I was a non-pageant model in a fashion show that featured them as guest models…I have been unimpressed with people who like to compete in beauty pageants. The smiles, sweetness, etc…I found missing backstage. What I found was extreme cattiness, insecurity and highly individualistic behavior. Nothing at all like the images they portray to the public…phoney baloney in my eyes. Totally turned me off to pageants, I find it very artificial and phoney, maybe because I got to have a small firsthand glimpse into things.

    Beauty is only skin deep, and honestly I feel I saw true ugliness that day. True beauty comes from inside.

    What I would love to see is real-life heroes featured. For example, a woman I know volunteers with an organization of medical professionals to go to third world countries to provide free medical care the the poor. She loves this and goes every year and does it truly to help and not looking for public recogniton. The organization is non profit, and providers have to pay for their own airfare and lodging. This is a truly beautiful person inside and out…even without the heavy makeup, fake smiles, fake hair, fake boobs.

    • fake and mean is awesome on those shows. we want fake hot bodies, and if the producer of that show was smart he would have put that mean catfight fakery on camera and shown it. no one tunes in to see volunteering. i’ve done a ton of overseas volunteering and while it was amazing for me, no one but my mom would want to spend 2 minutes seeing that shit.

      and good for your friend, but no one on earth wants to watch that. we want hot ass and the mean behind the scenes at those shows

  • I am someone who competes in pageants, and I might be at Miss America one day.

    Personally, I feel that I have the right to explain to those who know little about the pageant industry.

    First, the Miss America organization is not just a bunch of girls, getting on stage, putting on a act. It is a variety of women who have TALENT as well.

    • ok, well i’m looking to make some money. so should i bet that you’ll be miss america someday or should in invest with some guy my friend knows, i think his name is madoff….

  • I am going to a state pageant over the summer, I know a lot about this industry, and I will go against a lot of these views stated on this website.

    First: Miss America organization has TALENT, Miss USA does not. To be in the Miss America pageant, you HAVE to be able to be talented in MANY ways, this isn’t even including shining your beauty to thousands of people.
    Second: I am a band nerd, I was in marching band!! I’m not a “cookie cuter pageant patty”. Not all of the contestants are, infact, quite few of them are! We are naturally blessed with certain skills that others are not.
    Third: No one can be back stage with you at most preliminary Miss America pageants, so these girls are talented with adding to the beauty that god already blessed themseleves with, BY THEMSELEVES. It is not like these women have stylist’s backstage transforming them into barbie dolls.
    Forth: The Miss America Organization requires women who are bright. To be in all my preliminary pageants, I had to have a grade point average of 3.5 minimum.
    Fifth: Unless you have had to deal with the nerves of performing in front of thousdands of people individually, I do not expect you to understand the chaos that thrives in our minds during pageant week.
    One girl will only have a matter of minutes to change from a sweaty dance outfit, to a evening gown. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think most people can do that gracefully backstage.

  • Oh, and I forgot.

    Every girl at Miss America Has to have a “Platform”

    Your talking about a woman who travels and helps people..
    Guess what.. Thats what a platform is!!
    Miss America of 2008 helped people ALL OVER THE COUNTRY for eating dissorders!

    I, have helped half of my state become more involved with Music, and keeping music in schools!

    One should not bash the industry and these individual women if they have not been in their shoes.

  • Wow! Jealous!!! She’s beautiful and classy. Not everyone can compete in a pageant, that’s why it’s a competition. Ever notice that the only people who talk bad about pageantry is non-attractive people.
    It’s the whole package!
    Good for her!!

  • You picked the worst photo of this absolutely beautiful young woman. Listen where else but at Miss America can a program catapult it’s winner from obscurity to national fame. She appears on the Today Show, Regis & Kelly, Fox News, and a zillion other shows. She will earn a $50,000 college scholarship, plus the opportunity to earn over $200,000 in appearance fees. Not bad for a 20 plus young lady.

    • It’s not bad for a 20+ young lady, but wouldn’t you rather she earnt all that with her brain instead of having to use her looks?

      And yes, Miss America has to have talent, a platform, blah blah blah, but ultimately she has to be beautiful.

  • She’s one of my good buddies from highschool. Not only is she extremely beautiful, but was one of the smartest girls in my graduating class. Plus, her entire family stays very active in our church. (Her mom being a fifth grade Lutheran school teacher.) Very humble and extremely sincere. It’s hard to find people like that anymore. Whether the dress was nice or not, she is still awesome. She’ll continue to be that way too, which is always a plus.

    I mean hell, look where our 1991 Miss America is now :)