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Makeover Shows Make You Hate Yourself?


USC professor Julie Albright conducted a study based on her theory that “makeover” and plastic surgery oriented television promote body dissatisfaction amongst women. She believes that this dissatisfaction is prodding women into going under the knife in order to correct perceived flaws or reach a standard of beauty which has become increasingly difficult to obtain. Albright interviewed 662 college aged women as part of her “Impossible Bodies” study and found that regardless of socioeconomic background or geographic area the attitude persisted.

“Women are being taught to access power and status through their looks,” Albright says.” Before women might buy a Louis Vuitton purse to show off their ‘status.’ Now they might buy new breasts as a sign of their success.”

Do you think this attitude can be blamed on shows like The Swan, and Dr. 90210 or is it just more in the open now because plastic surgery has become a bigger part of our social consciousness?

You can read the article in its entirety here.

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  • I think that simply being exposed to media ( TV,Internet, Magazines…) perpetuates this disturbing problem.

    Up until 100 years ago you were too busy working the fields or raising children to worry about the size of your tits.

    • AGREED!

      And even if you’re the laziest person on the planet – you shouldn’t ‘worry’ about the size of your tits. My god if you’re healthy you should be thankful! Not budgeting to get your ass sucked down a size!!

  • If I wasn’t constantly comparing myself with those that I see on t.v., movies, etc., I would probably like myself a lot more. In my direct social circle I am considered pretty. My body is fine, I am healthy, etc. But what I strive for is the perfection that I see on magazine covers and the big screen. I wish we could go back to the days of radio where a sexy voice was all you need.

    BTW, I don’t blame those avenues of media for my occasional self-loathing. If I worked harder to be more of what I want to be on the inside, then I wouldn’t care what I or anyone else look like. I would be happy with myself for my heart and my mind.

    • “Constantly comparing myself to those I see on TV”. “I strive for the perfection that I see on magazine covers”. “Self-loathing”

      Ahhhh. Interesting. This explains alot of your posts.

      • Ouch. Are my posts that bad? Am I one of those annoying people that don’t realize how obnoxious they are?

      • I don’t think so, Erin. But a lot of people think that I am annoying on here too, so to each their own.

      • Well, now I have something else to worry about. Apparently my posts are filled with glaring idiosyncrasies. Now I’ll be self-conscious about that too! Ugh!

    • Don’t worry about it Erin. You know what a tough crowd Evil Beeters can be. Especially lately!!!

  • i think its definitely the shows. while i do admit to watching them, these shows make plastic surgery seem like a more realistic option because you see how many people do it. i prefer shows like what not to wear, which emphasize how to work with what you do have (by changing hair and makeup) rather than telling someone they need to go under the knife to attain beauty.

  • Soleil, thanks for bringing some pop culture analysis into the gossip blogs. It’s a nice addition.

    I think it’s fascinating how old “The Swan” show is, yet I can still remember the premise of the show pretty clearly… and I was a tween when it came out. I think that the study just confirms something that media critics have been saying for a long time, but empirical evidence is always good to have.

  • Oh, the shows just make it all worse. The self-loathing of American women began a LOOONG ass time ago. Even though I can’t stand Rachel Zoe, she makes me feel pretty shitty about myself when I see her collar bones. We can go back to Farrah Fawcett posters. I think that’s when some of the criticism of my reflection began. Skinny will ALWAYS rule the world.

    Wait. When I was in Italy, I felt pretty good about myself. Europeans are more evolved in terms of weight and age. Here, we have Maxim covers crammed down our throats for comparison. Bleh.

  • This image of beauty the media has shoved down our throats is really disturbing. I am a 20 year-old girl and started to like myself like a year ago, (I know…sad) and I have beauty magazines, tv shows and all that crap to thank for messing up with the minds of young girls who think that by looking like that they’ll be happy and accomplished persons.

    Like 1 lb of silicon in your boobs will immediately make you a better and happier person, hah. I’d just like all those girls to know they don’t need to look like cookie-cutter barbies to be happy and feel good about themselves.

    On the other hand, I’m even more worried about reality tv, because it is making me hate myself for being a human being and living in the same planet as all those morons, hahah.

  • heck i’d rather look at pretty people than another louis vuitton purse any day. bring on the fake knockers ladies!!

  • The best beauty advice I ever read was from Bunty Cutler, who wrote ‘201 things a something girl can do, or something of that nature’. (sorry).She was talking about ‘How To Seduce A Man’, and she said that while men love hip /waist ratio /symmetry /silky hair etc etc, they love a cheerful nature, and a friendly smile, and an ear to listen more.

    My boyfriend has LOTS of girls to choose from, many better and more attractive than me. But they might not pick up his socks with good humour or have a ‘never say no’ policy, or listen to him talk about geology with rapt attention.

    And I know that to him, my rapt geology face is far more beautiful than any magazine covergirl. So I don’t care that I have stretchmarks and a big ass and hair that likes to be vertical. I like me.

    T(he book also tells you how to ‘Give Tea To A Tradesman’, which is something every girl should know)