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Still the One

American Idol is still the number one show on network television. I contend this has more to do with people tuning in to see what kind of whackjobs show up to audition than actual show quality. Once it gets down to the actual competition and the judges yaking we’ll all go back to scratching ourselves and watching  “House” reruns per the usual.

In the meantime though – Paula and this new chick, Kara DioGuardi are playing nice-e-nice with each other for the cameras.


I don’t buy it. Paula’s got drunk face in this picture. You can clearly see that she is hurting inside. The producers may have managed to calm her for now, but there is a raging manical hellbeast in there ready to claw its’ way out.

How long do you give Paula before she gets hopped up on cough medicine and calls DioGuardi out on air? Do you watch American Idol? Are you tuning in for the trainwrecks or the talent?

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  • Stop. You had me at “hellbeast.”

    Soleil you officially make me smile. If anyone says anything mean about you again I will personally pound them into oblivion. And by that I mean I will poke them with my pinky finger then run.

    Now someone buy this girl a Coke and fucking live in harmony for fuck’s sake.



    • twinkle? oh god….and you had me at hellbeast? that’s brilliant stop my life humor for you? where are you pleasantville? your kiss ass comments officially make me puke and i’m waiting for you to pound me into oblivion, which actually sounds kind of hot.

      and your reference to the i’d like to buy the world a coke and live in harmony bullshit makes the white guy dressed like an indian shedding a single tear about littering full on sob.

      and her comment of hellbeast was akin to richard pryor in his prime. beet ignores those weak takes when she’s on mile 3 of her marathon and thinking what the hell ever happened to her my little pony with the rainbow on it’s chest. the moral- if she’s funny tell her, if not don’t suck her ass for suck ass sake

  • HA. just thought i’d let whoever cares, know that whoever this new weekend editor is….WE LOVE THEM. you are HILARIOUS. loved the bit on jennifer love hewitt and the other douche bumpin uglies. your great!

      • Oh sweet Jesus Lynn. GIVE IT UP. How often do you check the site to see when a post is up?? 3-4 times in the span of ten minutes?? Fuck woman someone needs to put a dick in your post -op hole pronto! Maybe that would make you smile.

      • I second Lou Lou!
        Lynn, pop offs are in order! One day someone is gonna go upside your disgruntled head with a rum bottle, Da Brat Style if you don’t stop being such a bitchy McBitch!

  • this new “blogger” needs to stop asking a million questions at the end of each post. SHE SUCKS!!! she blew it with her first post where she insulted everyone sooo fuck her

  • WOW! You cunts are being really mean to Soleil. I don’t remember Evil Beet readers being this rude and bitchy to Wendie. The foolishness and fuckery needs to stop. It’s her first day!

    Soleil, I think you are fabulous. I love your writing. I know some of these troglodytes are being mean, but don’t listen to them! I know what it’s like to start writing for another person’s blog. Readers can be mean to newbies. Fuck them! Just stick with it, and the hates will eventually fall off.

    And to answer your questions, Yes I watch American Idol, but only when its recorded on my Tivo so I can fast forward through the awfulness and the million commercials.

  • Yeah I tuned out of American Idol after the third season. Even the auditions aren’t as funny anymore.
    And I LOL’ed at “raging manical hellbeast” :-D

  • at least the new judge can be honest/ mean where necessary. plus she’s attractive unlike paula the post-op

  • I watched American Idol almost religiously last year, but hardly at all so far this year. I’m tired of the same old stupid auditions. They’re not even as funny as they used to be. I like it better when the talented people are left. Or when those top 12 “talented” people start butchering songs — that’s funnier than the auditions to me.

    OH, and Soleil, you’re doing just fine. Ignore the jealous idiots. Welcome (from another born and raised Jersey girl who moved the f away).

    • Um, there’s hardly enough substance there to brainwash people WITH. It could just be mindless entertainment…

      • yeah how the hell am i being brainwashed? making fun of hicks humiliate themselves and the closed culture in which they were raised? (“yeahhhh, beee careful….”).

        it may numb our brains, but i’m pretty sure you need to have a message to even try and brainwash others…

  • Hey, who gives a flying fuck about what ever everyone else says, I think you’re awesome!

    Keep doing what you’re doing Soleil!

  • I used to watch American Idol for the talent, then I would only watch it for the trainwrecks. Now I don’t bother watching it at all. I wish it would go away.