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So…who hasn’t Jennifer Love Hewitt Dated?

Maybe I’m slow but um.. when did this:


and this:


bump uglies? Seriously?


Everyone knows that Jennifer and her fiance, Ross McCall called it off a few weeks ago. And since then rumors have been running rampant as to why. Well, lucky for us, Rich Cronin has the answer – she’s not just a needy psychopath – according to him she is also a cold hearted slut.

Rich went on the Howard Stern Show and alleged that Jennifer asked him to spend the night after their first date…despite the fact that she lived with her Mom at the time.

Rich, being the gentleman that he is (publically spilling his guts about an ex-gf going through a hard time)  says he refused, adding “I was trying to play it cool. She lived with her mother. I was freaking out so bad.”

Now we know two things: Jennifer had a bit of a wild streak and Rich can’t close the deal. How does this make her a slut?

“She was in New York doing a movie, and I get a phone call from someone at my record company. They go, ‘Rich, get Us Weekly. It just came out. [I’m thinking] maybe there is something cool about me. No, it was a fucking thing about Jennifer Love Hewitt in New York City… with seven guys. I was on the bed having a panic attack, so I called her up and was like, ‘Do you have something to say to me?’ I was the girl in this relationship. And she goes, ‘Listen, don’t you fucking call me up like this when I am at work. If you believe that bullshit, shame on you.’ She hung up.”

Rich went on to say that she broke up with him via phone three days later.

“She goes, ‘I am out of this relationship. Goodbye, I have to go do The Tonight Show’ and hung up the phone. And that was it,”

So basically this guy got owned by Jennifer Love Hewitt. This gives me a newfound respect for her, and kind of affirms the idea that any and everyone that was part of a boy band is kinda a pussy.

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  • I remember that! That song “Girl on TV” was supposed to be about her. Homegirl always has songs written about her! Isn’t “Your Body is a Wonderland” also about her?

  • shoulda just shut ur pie hole, and used this as ur first post.

    at least the only one u alieanated was J Love Hewitt.

  • this story doesn’t make her sound like a slut at all, it just makes her ex sound like a complete tool.

    go jen!

  • from that interview he said she bought her a promise ring, and then he met another guy who she had just done the same thing to. she sounds like a sociopath, fluctuating from extreme false ego, to deep worthlessness/ self-doubt.

    if that’s “good for her/ go jen!” to lie and use people, have at it. she just seems supremely f’d up. she sounds like a complete mess

    • I hadn’t a clue who he was either (I thought it was Corey Haim when I saw the pic)… I looked him up and it’s that guy from LFO that sang Summertime. I’m sure he’ll be on Celebrity Boot Camp or The Surreal Life in the near future trying to cash in on this.

  • Not buying the 7 guys thing. I think maybe he heard that and she got mad and dumped him cause “how could he even think she would do that, anyone that would possibly think that about me deserves to be kicked to the curb” is the kinda girl she is. I don’t blame her. Or, he made the 7 guys part up and she dumped him like that but over something else.

  • I like this girl. Screw the guys that try to ruin her rep. They are mad that she dumped them. I’m not gonna believe these broken hearted, broken ego idiots. This girl is sweet….she never has caused any trouble in Hollywood. There are a lot of bad apples there and she wants a good one, she’s smart that’s all. She has enough intelligence and confidence to wait for a good one. And they can’t handle it when she lets them know they aren’t good enough is all. They are the losers, not her!

    • wow that’s a lot of alleged absolute information. where did you get it? she never caused any trouble in hollywood, she has enough confidence to wait for a good one? not according to every single media source.

      “they can’t handle it”, not her? prove it. this girl is sweet? prove it. all sources not named “R”…..are saying she is very insecure, and the problems are completely her own

  • He used to be sooo hot before he got leukemia, I know that sounds terrible and makes me look like a superficial whore (which I’m not) but the disease really changed his looks. Kissing and telling is gross, him and Wilmer Valderrama need to join forces and fight crime with their super douche powers.

  • Foe someone who was supposed to be so upset about the nasty remarkes about the size of her bikinied ass a year ago, she really seems to be shoving that “thang” right into the photogragher’s face. Also, I’ m trying to figure out the math pertaining to this seven guys thing. Was this supposed to be one at a time while the others waited their turn, or, all seven at the same time.

  • You only wish it was you, she was hitting on. Get over it. She’s hot and we all want her, don’t hate.

  • “I was the girl in this relationship.”

    What is this guy’s definition of “girl”? What a complete moron.

  • JLH is on record as dating her co-star for the last 6 months. But this has
    been the object of OUTLANDISH publicity stunts…and is questionable….
    the guy has a famous last name,so what?? He’s nothing special.

    NOBODY has ever emerged as a clear-cut winner as a likely candidate
    for a husband for this actress.