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Nicole Richie Has Learned Her Lesson

She does have two braincells to rub together!


For the last few days there have been “reports” circulating that Nicole was considering a return to reality television. The premise of this new show would revolve around her being a mother to baby Harlow. However, her rep told OK Magazine that all such rumors were completely false.

Even though Nicole Ritchie shot to fame as Paris Hilton’s sidekick on several seasons of the E! reality hit The Simple Life, it doesn’t look like she’ll be giving reality TV another try anytime soon — in spite of what the tabloids say.

This week, the tabs reported that Nicole, who has settled down from her days of partying with Paris and is now the proud mom to one-year-old daughter Harlow with boyfriend Joel Madden, was set to step in front of the cameras once more.

But a rep for the 27-year-old tells OK! that couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to the rep, reports that Nicole is shopping around a reality show are “unsubstantiated. This is false reporting.”

I’m glad to hear that Nicole has decided to keep her seemingly normalized life and her adorable baby (I won’t lie, when I first saw it I was like “meh” but now she’s pretty cute) out of our living rooms. She seems to have cleaned up really well since the pregnancy, and reality tv pretty much relies on you completely embarassing yourself for it to make money.

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  • i think their baby looks like a character from the stop animation Rudolph Christmas movies.

    but still cute.

    i think all reality shows following people just living life should be abolished. nobody is that damn interesting without a lot of editing and setting up storylines.

  • She won’t do it cause she lost her sense of humor. She’s not longer funny cause her funniness left when she stopped her drugs and sluttiness. Thats why!!! Also, paris and her together were funny, but it’s mainly what I first said.

  • Reality television never benefits the ‘star,’ except maybe financially. If she wanted to totally fuck up her family, this would be a fantastic idea.

  • i wouldn’t be so hasty if i was her agent. i would say look at denise richards’ show with her kids. she proved that a classy woman can be a famewhore, come off well, and not clearly use her children like attention buying commodities.

    plus i agree with beet, it’s likely a matter of time till she is way wacked out back on something

  • her adorable baby (I won’t lie, when I first saw it I was like “meh” but now she’s pretty cute) out of our living rooms.

    That sounds so tweenie :X And commas anyone?