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Portia de Rossi

“There’s a peace to [being married] and a sense of togetherness that we just didn’t have before. And I didn’t even realize it would change as much as it has, but it’s so lovely .. It’s legal, and it’s real, so there’s that kind of formality to it that makes it very valid. I think the emotions that went with that as a gay woman kind of surprised me – that I would be that relieved to have my mother be present at the ceremony to bless the union, and to call [Ellen] her daughter-in-law.”

Portia de Rossi, discussing her marriage at a promotional event for her new TV show, Better off Ted.

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  • It’s so funny, I saw a preview for Better Off Ted and I thought it looked cute, then I saw that Portia was in it…I had no idea she acted, I always figured she was only ever famous for being with Ellen.

    Either way I do love her.

    • omg seriously?????? ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. rent the entire series and you’re welcome.

      portia has been a working actress for a long time.

    • I second that. I would be so sad if they ever got divorced. I am so happy that they are happy. I don’t know why. They just both seem like really genuine, wonderful people.

  • I still can’t get over the fact that she’s gay. She’s Sub-Zero Nelle! Nelle isn’t a lesbian! She’s going out with John! :<

    Sorry, I’m still cranky over how awful Ally McBeal got after season 4. And incidentally, I liked Robert Downey Jr WAY before the was popular. Same goes for McDreamy. I’m just so ahead of the times, aren’t I?

  • Portia is a great actress — hilarious on AD. You must see that show!

    PS- can anyone tell me how she gets her hair like that?