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Do YOU Think She’s the Most Desirable Woman??? has done their annual poll of men, asking who they think is the most desirable woman on the planet. The website swears the poll is not just about looks, but about overall desirable qualities.

“There are women in their mid to late 30s on this list who may be old by industry standards but you see more mature women on this list,” said the site’s editor. “The younger women getting a lot of play on gossip sites haven’t had the time to accumulate the achievements that a lot of these women have.”

Wanna know who men voted as the MOST DESIRABLE WOMAN this year?

The answer is after the jump.


It’s Eva Mendes!!!

Megan Fox came in second, and Marissa Miller was third.

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  • If she doesnt give interviews I like her.
    But man does she complain a lot.
    She is so whiney and “cokey” as in she whines a lot about wanting coke and some people just dont party like that no mo!

    Plus she was all about being a wanker to Wackeem P. in We Own The Night that she damn near drove him to being a rapper before he even thought about letting Pouttro push his crazy button with her non-titts.

    Pretty face but not a lot of brains LOL

  • eva mendes is a great choice. shes so sexy in every way! i wish i was like her! viva latinas! i dont know what that means but i just put those 2 words together

  • Nope there are more desirable and intelligent ladies out there who have their act together in all kinds of ways. Plus some of us are partial to you Beet-Always have to get the flattery in there somehow …. peace and lets pray for a great new year-Lucky to have you

  • she does nothing for me. and how is this about achievement or whatever not just looks, when marissa miller is 3rd? what could she put her resume, skinny?

  • Meghan Fox was second?? She’s 22! How is that in any way “a mid to late 30s woman who may be old by industry standards?”

    • They’re not stating that EVERYONE on the list is in that age group, just that there are more than you’d expect.

    • You serious ? Megan is more of a beautiful figure.
      This one is more of a SEXY devil ! There’s some serious “junk in the trunk”…

    • so the most desirable woman on the planet to you is someone who gloats about stealing another woman’s husband???

      • well she is kinda hot. i mean i’d do her- and clearly brad pitt would do her.
        plus jennifer aniston’s annoying… i can’t help that- Angelina’s hot.

    • I think she is too skinny, liked her better when she played Lara Croft – she had more curves and looked really sexy. Now all I see is a skull with massive lips and skinniest limbs.

  • Eva Mendes, sooo predictable. Even Megan Fox was another predictable choice from from the very shallow beauty pool from which the public decides these things so unitelligibily. I’ll bet that most of the women in the top ten had the same flawless, yet, boring features. Nothing there to denote even the slightess glimmer of originality in her physical appearance. sometimes, it is a slight quirkiness and flaw in a woman’s appearance that makes her desireable. Take Uma Thurman, for example. The nose is too long and the lips are too large. And yet, in total, a much more interesting woman to contemplate. Attractiveness is very often more than just the total of flawless parts. Some classically beautiful women are very remote and brittle in appearance and not the least bit warm and desireable. It is not surprising that a couple of generations raised on the air-brushed beauty of Playboy centerfolds cannot be bothered to look for something a little more elusive and rare.

    • I just read your post twice…and both times I said Shut The Hell Up!! If you want to bang Uma instead of Eva, go for it.

    • well said. i personally like looking original- freckles, crazy curly hair, funny shaped nose(looks like that to me, anyway)… yup. wouldn’t wanna look cookie cutter any day of the week.

    • uma is basically just another boring white girl to me.

      i don’t necessarily agree with eva — personally i’d pick someone like kerry washington or olga kurylenko — but i like her more than uma “but she’s blonde, therefore she’s hot, right?” thurman anyday.

  • So what if ewwwww is a stoner who likes Beet and comments about Eva being a coke head? It was more entertaining to read then, ” Duhh I think she is hot.”

    Do a lot of teens post here?
    Does everyone take celebrity gossip so seriously out there? Wow I totally want to read this site more often now. I sure do…

  • They certainly didn’t ask for my vote.

    While I don’t have anything negative to say about her (she’s obviously beautiful, seems nice in interviews, etc.), to say that she is the MOST desirable on the WHOLE planet? I can’t agree with that.

    There would never be a consensus, but if they are looking at a combination of looks and accomplishments, here’s some of my eclectic nominees (in no order):

    Heidi Klum
    Padma Lakshmi
    Diane Sawyer
    Julie Smolyansky
    Tina Fey
    Tyra Banks

    • Yes to Heidi Klum, a big no no no no to Diane Sawyer. I have to immediately switch the channel if I hear her voice.

    • yay tina fey!
      but no no no no no no noooooo to tyra banks… have you seen any of her shows?!?!? SHE’S A TOTAL MONSTER!!

    • Yeah, but I figured it was a WHOLE planet thing… Sawyer is older, Tyra is African American, Padma is Indian, etc. etc. Otherwise I would have just named the entire Victoria Secret catalogue and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cast! :-)

      In defense of Dianne, she’s a hot older lady and a former beauty queen. While she’s getting longer in tooth, she still is attractive and I don’t think anyone can doubt her intellect.

      In defense of Tyra, the woman is still hot and has done a amazing job branding herself. That takes brains and an amount of charisma to get as far as she has.


  • Eva is a GORGEOUS lady!! She really is!! Of everything that I’ve seen of her, I do like. She is one very short lady, even by Hollywood standards!!

    Side fact.. Marissa Miller used to date NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr…. so do you think he’s kicking himself in the balls letting her get away?

  • Yeah, but none of them have shit on women like Monica Vitti. Megan Fox LOOKs beautiful, but is the unfortunate owner of a very tiny and annoying brain. Eva Mendes LOOKs beautiful and approachable, but I bet she’s annoying and high-maintenance as all get-out.

    Well anyway. I’d be interested to see the original pick-list that these AskMen people had for their little poll.

    • do they have a section for “smart women”? i dont really think they go by that.

      why isnt lindsay lohan on their top three or something, shes doing a girl, that probly gets a bunch of points

    • I was hoping to discount your opinion solely based on your idiots comment (you putz), but she does have a gorgeous face attached to a gorgeous body.

  • What about Kate Beckinsale? Everytime i see pictures of her, my jealous inner rage hulk comes out to play.

  • i definitely have a BIG TIME girl crush on Eva Mendes after seeing “the women”…

    which sucked, btw. eva’s lingerie scenes were the only good part of it, hehe

  • Eva? Really??…mmh, I don’t mean to be rude, but she doesn’t strike me as either a great atress or that attractive

  • She strikes me as the kind of chick you’d find ritually shredding and burning her ex’s belongings on the front porch after a break-up.

    There are much more beautiful, approachable women out there. Frances O’Connor, LeeLee Sobieski, Milla Jovovich. I guess it just goes to show how subjective beauty really is. It seems the only thing we can all agree on is a 15-inch waist and C-cups.

  • Really? thats the most desirable woman, obviously the readers of Maxim, have played world of war craft while guzzling mountain dew so often that they fried their brains. Out of all the famous woman out there, they pick her. Heres my list in no particular order: Scarlett Johanson, Zoey Deschanel, Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowan, Jenny Lewis…. Now those woman are desirable.