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Barack Obama Will Unite Us ALL

And that includes Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus, dammit!

The former lovers shared an awwwwwwkward hug at the Kids Inaugural event in DC last night.

The funniest part about this? The girl making the video screaming “Awkward! Awkward! Oh my God! Nick and Miley just hugged!” at the top of her lungs.

There’s a lot of things you can change about America, but you’ll never take away our right to behave as though we’re currently attending middle school with everyone famous.

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  • I screamed too and I’m not a teen !!!!!!! Yes I’m a Niley fan and proud of it! I can come here and admit to anything ahhhh.

  • HAhahahahahahahahahahahaha

    “Awkward akward OMG NICK AND MILEY HUGGED DID YOU SEE THAT?” I swear if just once in my life I was this excited about ANYTHING I would be a millionaire by now.

  • I like Evil Beet b/c it’s a distraction from regular, serious news. But, as a reader I would like to request that because of the times that we are in Evil Beet would consider an occasional post about a service project in the area that could use assistance or a donation. I know you all are here to entertain and I enjoy it. But maybe right now is also a time to slow down and reach out and remind us to use our time wisely and serve others.
    Thanks EB!

    – Inspired by Obama

      • Beet, i volunteered at this event (i was a tshirt cannon girl) and got to see all these people (i totally turned into an 8 year old on the inside).

        the funniest thing is that all the producers essentially DO attend middle school with these kids, so in the meetings, they’re all “well miley’s upset because she thinks she should get to do more songs than the jobro’s, and then one she does with her dad doesn’t count, so we’re gonna switch it around and then throw another one in for demi to sing too, because she tests higher with the tween set…”

        i would like to say that, contrary to all the rumors, all the disney stars were genuinely nice kids. i have a huge crush on corbin bleu now.

        cutest thing i’ve ever seen was michelle obama playing air guitar backstage during the jonas brother’s last song while jamie foxx filmed it.

    • you should put donation stuff on the side or the top the page, that way its always there to see and your blogs can be left to celebrity news

  • LOL.. You know what? i actually liked this idea.. I mean, i think it’s kind of shitty when they made the party as an excuse for their daughters to meet the stupid jonas brothers, and that now Obama is the president and can do, pretty much, whatever he can.. But even then, i totally like this idea of making a special party for kids.. I am so proud of your president america! it’s gonna be fucking awesome for everybody now that Obama is in charge.

  • cazminx, I’m hearing that Miley said to Demi something referring to how hot he still is and dammit thats true he has no business being that sexy and 16