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Paul Blart: Mall Cop Takes First Place ?


It’s an odd day in my world when any Kevin James movie outsells a Clint Eastwood film. However, I’ve long since abandoned my efforts of trying to understand the human race.  Paul Blart:  Mall Cop made $33.8M and is on target to do a total of $40M over the four day weekend.  Even the president of worldwide distribution for Sony, Rory Bruer, is shocked; and that says something.  Bruer said, “We were hopeful we could do in the range of $25 million for four days and that would have been a terrific result for us. But now it looks like we’re going to do $40 million for four days, and that is just, like, a ‘wow’ number.” 

Eastwood’s Gran Torino dropped to second place with $22.8M and My Bloody Valentine opened up with $21.9M for third place.

The top ten movies for the weekend:

1. “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” $33.8 million.

2. “Gran Torino,” $22.2 million.

3. “My Bloody Valentine 3-D,” $21.9 million.

4. “Notorious,” $21.5 million.

5. “Hotel for Dogs,” $17.7 million.

6. “Bride Wars,” $11.75 million.

7. “The Unborn,” $9.8 million.

8. “Defiance,” $9.2 million.

9. “Marley & Me,” $6.3 million.

10. “Slumdog Millionaire,” $5.9 million.

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  • Fluff movies always do well. The Clint Eastwood movie looks great but it’s also probably stressful. Paul Blart is the opposite of stress, it’s escapism. I won’t see it in the theatres but be sure I’ll rent it.

  • that clint eastwood nonsense looks like bull. an old white korean war vet takes on a gang of asians??? first off can we GET more racist and secondly zzzzzzzz

    at least kevin james is frickin hilarious

    • it’s not racist.
      if hollywood made a movie starring black gangs,
      would you call that racist?
      or maybe a movie showing the hardships
      of cubans, or cambodians, any country.
      its more so a cultural thing,
      and they could’ve picked a white gang, or a black gang.
      and that gang from the movie was thai.

      • you make a good point, which is, It’s just a Movie! it depicts a situation and a plot, not a characters feelings (in this case) What I don’t understand is how a guy can say; go ahead make my day in one movie, and get off my lawn in another, particularly Clint Eastwood (he’s an icon) so disappointing) I have no problem with Kevin James, he can be funny, But why did Ray, show up on King of queens, while Kevin James character did not show up as Doug, but rather Kevin, on Everybody loves Raymond? just something that makes you go hmmm! stupid but funny!

  • America is in more trouble than I thought when Kevin James (who I loved in Kin of Queens) beats Clint Eastwood at the box office!

  • Wow. There are few tragedies in this world greater than the January box office, but this is particularly embarrassing for our nation. I hope Obama addresses these issues immediately upon taking office.

  • Umm..Bride Wars at #6…yeah I kid of really enjoyed it. Now THAT was chick-flick escapism at its best. Totes predictable and cheesy, and therefore wonderful.

  • The entire premise behind Gran Torino is to serve as a sort of case study, if you will, of the generation born in the 20’s / 30’s who spent their childhoods in the depression and fought in world war II, korea, etc. and were raised quite differently than today’s generation. Of course, his words and assumptions were racist, the movie is not glorifying or encouraging that. The movie illustrates that through his interactions with his neighbors he is able to let go a lot of these assumptions and for once, feel the compassion of others, as opposed to all of the atrocities that human nature imposes (which he is used to being a veteran of war and dealing with a family that completely ignores him). His actions towards the gang members were completely justified and I don’t want to spoil the movie, so I won’t go any further.