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In Case You Care: The Fergie and Josh Wedding Pics …


…are in the new issue of Us Weekly.

Her dress is kinda cool — apparently it was a custom D&G — but, in general, I am WAY more interested in Kendra’s bizarre life with Hef. I’m always more interested in the side stories in these magazines than the cover stories.

You know, I’m not rooting for Hugh Hefner to die anytime soon — I think he’s a good guy — but holy shit the memoirs we’re gonna see after that guy croaks are gonna blow some fucking minds, I’m sure.

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    He is leagly blind
    that has to be it because this tranny ho does NOT have a sparkling personality and shes a god damn bed wetter.

    ha ha ha ha!

  • I think Josh Duhamel is GORGEOUS.. Fergie is one lucky ..erm… girl?

    Anyway as much as I’m not a fan of Fergie I think her dress is gorgeous. Her hair needs some serious’s her freakin’ wedding!!!!

  • Why give this couple such hate all the time? I love her music, she looks fine but most importantly they love each other! They’ve been together a long time and I’m very happy for them. If they’re happy we should be happy for them!

  • i don’t get these two at all. it looks like the most popular boy in high school brought the joker from batman as his prom date.

  • May u divorce soon either. She is a complete mess from all points of view. She used black magic on him or what?

  • ha ha ha I like how in the photo it looks as if he is about to toss her to the side by her hips.

    Seriously I laugh my damn ass off when people are like ” Oh why are you guys so mean to them”

    BECAUSE we dont like them. Not everyone thinks Lady Humps is a ground breaking song. Plus i was a fan of the BEP BEFORE WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY before they had to use this troll faced methed out skeeza as a gimmick to get more attention from their record label.

    Those dudes used to rock now they do Dr. Pepper commercials.

    freaking lame