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“We actually shot it in July. It was back before I got conservative.”

Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend — and Criss Angel’s current love — regarding the Girls Next Door farewell issue of Playboy, which will be the magazine’s February issue.

This is funny on so many levels. I will enumerate them so that you don’t miss any.

First: Holly’s conservative now? I totally missed that memo.

Second: They shot the GND farewell issue in July? So Hef must have parted ways with these girls awhile ago.

Third: I love how Hugh Hefner says goodbye to his three girlfriends by having them get naked and photographed and then selling the pictures. I mean, it happens all the time in break-ups, but it’s not every day the girl signs her consent.

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  • Wow. I know she is only twenty something but she looks SO MUCH OLDER! I mean, the fake boobs don’t help, but she just does not look her age AT…ALL.

    • Yes…it’s strange how these girls get surgery to extend their “youth” and yet somehow end up looking like a chemically preserved 40 year old. Pretty, firm and completely unlined, yet somehow she still looks old.

    • Wow is she really twenty-something?? I thought she was WAY older. Wow. I suppose some style choices don’t do any favours, do they?

  • The fact that this contrived “girlfriends” thing lasted this long and was able to do so well as to keep this dinosaur of a franchise afloat is amazing. They will continue to do this as long as people believe the backstories on the new, incoming girlfriends…

    By the way, Wrestling is real, too :) why not that, not as ridiculous as Hugh having 3 20-something girlfriends. But it is fun; the girls, that is!

  • Too-big fake boobs aside, I think she’s one of the few people that plastic surgery actually made beautiful. I look at her face and I just find it gorgeous, and I saw some old pictures and she just seemed plain and average. Normally I think plastic surgery makes people look like aliens. But she’s an exception.

    I am not proud of thinking this. :)

  • Holly was just plain pretty back in ’01, now she’s absolutely beautiful, in fact one of the most beautiful women in the world. Not bad for a girl from humble beginnings. She’s not 20-something, she’s 30-31 years old. From what I know, she was a Hawaiian Tropics model when Hef’s friend found her. The before and after pics of her with plastic surgery are an eye-opener.