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Russell Crowe Needs To Scarf Down Another Vegemite Sandwich And Calm The Fuck Down


Russell Crowe.  Do you remember when he was all hot and box office magic?  Me neither, but I guess he was at some point.  Apparently, he is in the land of the lost and thinks he’s still relevant in Hollywood.  I could try to blame his assholeishness on the carbs, but I think Russell Crowe was always a phone-flinging bitch.

In pre-production of his new movie, Nottingham, he’s been demanding rewrites, a new director and now his costar Sienna Miller has been “released”.  The media is playing it like Miller quit this movie but, please.  The producers realized that there was no way in hell people were going to buy the vision of Sienna Miller screwing fat, flabby Robin Hood/Sheriff of Nottingham; Yes, he’s playing both roles.  Casting directors are now in search of an actress in her late thirties or early forties to replace Sienna.  Have they considered Kathy Najimy?  Because that’s Russell’s league right now.

Rumors are floating around that, during the holidays, Crowe was calling around trying to find a replacement for director Ridley Scott.  The studio is denying that, natch. 

And this is just pre-production, folks.  Filming is going to be an absolute nightmare.

As an aside, can I tell you what I love so much?  A spell-check that doesn’t question me on the use of the word “assholeishness”.

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  • Might I just say that he seems to be allowing a lovely whitehead to bloom right between his brows?
    This is, to me, worse than Harrison Ford’s reprise as Indiana Jones — at least Mr. Ford has stayed in reasonable shape. I could see Russell Crowe playing the Sheriff of Nottingham, because even Disney portrayed him as a fat, grouchy bastard… but Robin Hood? A role formerly played by the drool-worthy Erroll Flynn? Really?!?! That just hurts my head.

  • to me, russell crowe is hollywood “classic”, like tom hanks, denzel washington, and julia roberts. it doesn’t matter how “fat” and “flabby” he is, he’s got talent, something a lot of the hot hunky actors don’t have.

  • Blahhhh, I never got Russell Crowe. And Kathy Najimy??? How ’bouts Kathy Bates?!?!?! Two people I never ever ever wanna see mackin’!

  • The problem here is that Russell Crowe is extremely talented and used to be extremely good-looking — and he knows it and uses it to his advantage. He got away with being a Class A Asshole for YEARS because he was just so bloody brilliant — I think I’ve absolutely adored every movie I’ve seen him in. But now he’s old and fat and even though I’d still fuck him in a second (because he’s got talent, a few vestiges of his good looks, and an Australian accent), I think I’m one of the few people who would and he isn’t getting his way any more. :( Poor Russell. But at least he can act, unlike Harrison Ford.

    I hate Sienna Miller. Like, a lot. So glad she’s not going to be in that movie anymore because I was considering NOT seeing it because I hate her so much.

    • The thing you don’t realise is that he is notorious for having always been an asshole – even when acting in bit parts here and there.

      So an Australian accent is all it takes? ;)

  • Russell was teh sex as Maximus, and I wouldn’t kick him out of bed at the time of his hostage negotiator role in that “Proof of Life” fiasco (to think of it, I’d rather bang David Morse from that movie). But now? I hate to get all junior high on you, but “EEEEW!” is the most appropriate exclamation.

    Re: Kathy Najimy — Don’t you dare talk smut about mrs. Peggy Hill! She was named “Substitute Teacher of the Year” three years in a row, has an IQ of 170 (own estimate) and wears the most exquisite culottes!

    • Well if we’re going to get technical, you might say always in American usage. British and international rules are the opposite. Just a point since you emphasized “always”.

  • To me, it’s not a fat/skinny thing with Russel & Sienna. It’s an age thing. She just turned 27 & he’s almost 45. I know that’s how it’s often done in H-wood but I think it’s ridiculas. And I do kind-a hate her so I’m glad she’s out.

    BTW I’m kind-a old & I don’t know what natch means. Little help?

  • BTW, is it just me or is this a really slow gossip day?

    In fact, I just read that the Golden Globes website screwed up and marked Anne Hathaway as the winner in advance ….that might have been worth a post…

  • That movie will be so hard on the eyes. Russell Crowe in tights? He will definitely exceed the PSI of those things. Robin Hood will have to be in a pair of grey cotton pregnancy sweatpants and a dirty wife-beater. And somebody get him some Pantene or V05 Hot Oil Treatment or something!!!

    The movie was a bad idea from the start… playing both characters? Did the Sheriff of Nottingham’s Respirdal prescription run out?!

  • He got rid of Sienna Miller because she’s an obnoxious bitch who can’t act. Good for him. She and that married shithead she’s fucking are both poison.

    IMHO Wendie’s tagline was one of the funniest things I’ve read today – did you know there is a huge vegemite row going on in Australia at the moment? I was impressed at how topical you were.

    • Yeah, the fight is all about taxation on it under a taxation scheme on products above new limits on salt, fat and sugar content.

      • Yeah the news articles all say that apparently it as more salt than sea water and even some go onto say, for the uninitiated of course, that it tastes like seaweed :-S

  • He is a great actor, but yeah tempermental. Vegemite sandwich has another meaning too- think Men at Work :)

  • Why the Kathy Najimy hatred? Just b/c she’s pleasantly plump she is “in his league” as a bloated Hollywood has-been (in your opinion)? I am a very thin petite person but this kind of comment bugs the shit outa me. Sorry.

  • I think he’s a sex machine and he’ll be great in this…and now that skanky homewrecking ho is out of it, I may even watch it.

    I just don’t think Maid Marian, the Notorious Slut, was going to cut it.

  • Never thought much of Crowbar, probably because my first exposure to him was his role as Hando in Romper Stomper. Always has been, always will be a pompous ass. The phone incident was classic, though.

  • I made comments yesterday….yesterday! And they are still awaiting moderation. Does no one moderate comments on the weekend?

  • Why wouldn’t the public buy that Sienna was screwing him? She was banging Balthazar Getty… it’s not too far off.

  • Give me a break! Russell gained the weight in order to play a role in Ridley Scott’s “Body of Lies.” And he will lose it for the next role. Sick of the attacks on his guy, who is a great actor and a favorite target of the media. His antics are exaggerated. So big deal … in pre-production, a cast change was made in search of a better leading lady. More Hollywood hype! Watch his movies and just see how he can deliver. Best of luck, R.C.!

  • I think Russell is very handsome for his age! I love to watch him act in some of his movies. He will always be lovely to me! Some of ya’lls comments are funny though. I can’t wait to see him in Nottingham!!!