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Olivia Wilde: Still Prettier Than You

Olivia Wilde

I just kind of think that House’s Olivia Wilde is the most beautiful person on earth. Every time I see her I’m just like, “Wow. She’s prettier than me by a lot.” That’s kind of how I approach every other woman on the planet. I’m just like, “Is she prettier than me or uglier than me? By what degree? If she’s prettier than me, what could I do to be more pretty like her?” And with Olivia it’s just like “Nothing. There is nothing you can do to be this pretty.”

Here’s Olivia at a fashion event in BevHills. Also there: Debra Messing and Rumer Willis.

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  • !!! olivia wilde was two years older than me (i was 6th grade, she was in 8th grade) at gds, and she rode in our carpool a bunch of times. so i thought you should know that in addition to being gorgeous, she is also ultra-cool and very sweet. i’m so glad that her career took off!

  • a) @ Kate – Georgetown Day? DC represent!

    b) She’s pretty, but don’t you think she looks older than 24? I think she looks like 30-35. Not in a bad way, just in a super-mature way.

  • Beet, I too think she’s the most gorgeous thing on earth. That’s probably why I love her bisexual scenes so much!

  • Beet, it just means you are confident, nothing wrong with admiring a beautiful person, man or woman. I feel this way about Halle Berry. To me, no one comes close (including me).

  • She’s smoking BALLS!!! You killed my high by adding a picture of Rumer Willis in there though. That chick looks like her chin is aftermarket.

  • she’s 24? wow she looks alot older. but pretty though. put me in a dress though and i’ll look good next to rumer willis

  • what is wrong with you? why on earth is almost every woman so obsessed with being as “pretty” as a skinny media-hoe? i dont get it. maybe there’s something wrong with the idea of having a face not only consisting of bones…

    • So being skinny makes a girl a hoe? Maybe you’re just the fat kid that got made fun of in high school @ kween. Don’t hate on others because they don’t spend their time stuffing their faces with twinkies

  • Really? I don’t see it at all. It’s not that she’s ugly, but she looks completely bland to me.

  • To Kate: Im an Enormous fan of Olivia’s. I hit the sites on the web and search for the dvds locally for my collection. So cool to hear from someone who actually went to school with her. WWWHEEEWWW what an amazingly gorgeous and interesting person. I’d like to find an autographed 8 x 10 for my collection. Have a great year Kate!

  • omg no way! her face is sooo weirdly shaped! it looks like someone took an aliens head and shoved it in a box… sorry, but i just dont get it. way too severe looking.

  • I’ve never heard of her but she’s doing that awful thing where her face is way lighter than the rest of her. I hate that. I think I also hate her shoes.

  • i think shes just gorgeous. shes beuatiful AND she can def act. the fact that shes 24 is a gd thing. weve had a lot of spoilt celebrities even younger than that. now there she is, with a gd career so far and things lookin bright for her in the future too. she seems to be a gd person so its all gd.

  • I really don’t get it. She is not pretty, maybe a little bit “special” looking. And she certainly does not look her age….. and not in a good way ;)

  • if i could look like anyone — i would want to look like her. she’s just really beautiful, and not in a conventional or boring sort of way. in a “holy shit she should be a painting” sort of way.

  • While I think she’s stunning, i don’t think she’s very photogenic. These pics don’t do her justice. In action however (in the OC and House) she’s utterly mesmerising…

  • When she played a sexy, fiesty Bi on The O.C. with light blond hair and a purple streak, I developed a crush on her…Not so much as a brunette though. she will always be Alex to me..