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Get Better Patrick!!!


Patrick Swayze has checked into the hospital for observation after coming down with pneumonia as a result of chemotherapy. He is hopeful that he will be released soon, and get back to promoting The Beast, his new TV show with A&E.

Meanwhile, I promise to stop texting people to complain about the flu I have today.

Our thoughts are with you, Patrick!!!

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  • i’m tempted to download “she’s like the wind” off of itunes just to show my support. honestly i hope he gets better, he seems cool, and
    because nobody puts baby in the corner…

  • I watched his Barbara Walters interview, and that was so sad that I had to try to pretend I had something in my eye to keep everybody from knowing I was bawling. Now this :( I don’t know if I can stand it.

  • I’ll never watch Roadhouse again after he’s gone. Rest in Peace, Dude!
    (not meant to refer to eternal rest but instead meant to refer to much needed rest in the hospital). Sniff.

    • I cannot believe I just read that…or that it was even posted. What a low life you must be. where is the moderating when it is needed beet?

  • Glad someone mentioned Barbara Walters. What a freakin bitch that woman is. She gave a dying man a hard time for SMOKING CIGARETTES. What a C-Word!

    His answer was classic: “Well if it ever looks like I will live longer then 5 minutes I’ll quit right away”

    True tough guy too. That interview no crying, no feeling sorry for himself.

    • Plenty of others on his ass about smoking. Yeah, bad decision to start, but a little late at this point. Drugs are bad too, but if I’m dying anyway and pain pills make me feel just a little better, bring me a truckload!

  • hey evil beet gossip girl, congratulations for not mentioning anything about he being very thin and about injecting his stuff directly into yourself or patenting the fuck out it…

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