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Anne Hathaway: High or Crazy?

Her acceptance speech at the Critics Choice Awards last night was really painful to watch and makes me kind of remember why I used to hate her.

Also: the look on Angelina Jolie’s face is priceless. Angie lost out to Anne for the award. Which kind of explains this picture:


I love this photo so much. Angelina could not look less happy to be in this photograph. Pure gold.

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  • i hate anne!!!
    best actress?? for what??
    what’s up with her face… her face is too big for her head.. big eyes-big nose-horse mouth-unibrows… AAAAARGH she should be on radio..

    • Anne is the best actress because she was voted best actress. Angelina is extremely talented but Anne beat her. Anne is more beautiful too.

    • Painful to see Anne outshine Angelina in every way? Anne is a better actress and is prettier and has a better body! Angelina’s lips are as pretty as they always are but Anne’s are even prettier!

  • i always try to do the julia roberts math with anne hathaway- “she looks funny, not really that pretty, but she has her own look, hey there’s a good shot of her”.

    seeing her next to angelina jolie, man, reminds me of just how much math i’ve been doing; angelina is beautiful and anne is, well….she has her own look

    • idk about that. Granted Anne looks really weird in this pic. Angelina looks like she needs to get off the crack and stop using butter as foundation

    • Oh no don’t tell me that in this pic you think Angelina looks better than Anne, because Angelina looks horrible her face is so shinny and so skinny and old!!!

      • oh i’m saying it. her face looks shiny, fine. but she is very pretty. i love it when people try and say she isn’t. you’re tired of looking at her or her “oh i care so much about poor kids” then lives in mansions lifestyle.

        but she is a very attractive woman

      • I agree. Angelina used to be beautiful. Unfortunately, now she just looks like she was ridden hard and put up wet to dry.

        At least Anne looks her age,

  • When I was in high school, I rode the bus with a middle schooler that looked a lot like Anne, I called her overbite girl. She had an overbite until she got braces, but I hated her because she lived in the middle of nowhere on a hilly road that lengthened my bus ride by at least 20 minutes. I live in a town where the children don’t shower and this why I hate Anne Hathaway. Forever.

  • Angelina is starting to look so so so much like her waxy dad. When will people put the kool-aid down and realize she’s gross to look at, like really gross? Her waxhead combined with Annoying Anne aka the-kind-of-girl-you’d-want-to-beat-up-for-no-reason-back-when-you-were-in-junior-high is too much for my eyes and temperament to bear. There, see, you want to call Lindsay Lohan “puss-n-boots,” I’m calling Angelina “waxhead” from now on. I’m creative like that. Should go into marketing, really.

      • Agreed! At least Angelina was beautiful at one point. Anne “Morticia Addams” Hathaway looks like she could be from Anytown, USA…and average at best.

  • or maybe she just really REALLY needed to go to the toilet
    i was seriously worried that she’s just gonna go and pee onstage :)

  • LOL! Riiiiiiiight!

    When Angie is next to someone she likes/admires (i.e. Clint Eastwood, etc.) her packman mouth is smiling so wide it’s nearly open back to her ears!

  • Man, I’m cringing so hard that my hairline is receding. Yikes. I like the audience’s reaction to her quip that “there really are good men out there”. Kinda interesting that she threw that in there, no?

  • YOU GUYS!!!

    check out the look on Angie’s face at 1:11.

    she looks like such a bitch it’s hilarious.

    like the cat preparing to swallow the canary whole. lol.

  • Second Note to Anne: Next time, ask Viola Davis to accept the award on your behalf–even if she wasn’t your co-star. Think of the people. Do it for the people.

    • i know, she was one of my favourite acceptors (on behalf of meryl streep) “meryl would especially thank ME” lol, she was sweet and cute but classy

      other than her i only liked sarah silverman, sean penn and dustin hoffman, other than them it was a real borefest

      jason alexander at the beginning was especially annoying

  • I guarantee Angelina Jolie is more beautiful than anyone posting in this comments section, including myself. Despite her looking older, thinner, whatever, a man will always choose her over you. Unless he’s gay. Enough said.

    • F-THAT Homeslice!

      I am WAYYYY hotter than Angelina.

      Btw, I’ve loved her since Foxfire, and I think she’s crazy hot.

      Still, I’m 37, AND bonefide Milf with a 15 yr old.

      Jussayin’…I don’t think she’s still gonna be on fire when Mad hits 15. No offense.

      So! When it comes to Angelina Jolie, “the story ends with me putting her into the wall” (geico commercial).

      LOL :-)

      • listen, no one here has seen you, which is why you make those comments but no. you are not in the same league as AJ, stop it. and when she’s 37 she’ll be hotter than you, and when mad is 15, she’ll be hotter than you are today. stop embarassing yourself, no one’s looking for your ego boost

      • AJ looked retarded in Foxfire even with the topless scene. She looked just are bad in Hackers. A lot of surgery has gone into making Angelina look like she does today.. or like she did a few years back

    • BTW, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you are so obsessed with homewrecker jolie that you think no one posting here could possibly be more beautiful “just cause you know” they aren’t more beautiful than her, then you have problems. YOu must be a stalker of hers. Everyone has their own opinion and no one has seen every woman in teh world and I guarantee that everyone can find someone they find more beautiful than her unless they are just nuts. Some even find her to be ugly. I find her to be average. Lately she looks greasy and veiny and anorexic. I think she used to be pretty. LIke maybe an 8. Not anymore.

    • no shit, and that’s why she’s a celebrity. what would hollywood be if nobody cared, got jealous, and made funny comments about the the celebrities?

    • Angelina is not nearly as hot as Anne Hathaway though! Anne has some of the best legs I’ve ever seen! Anne is a far better actress too.

  • I think Anne is pretty down to earth and real, unlike Angelina, who seems to be one of the most transparent self-important bitches of “celluloid” history. I love that Anne can’t pull words out of her ass, and stumbles. That means she’s genuine. Angelina probably sees her long-since-sold-out young, open-minded self in Anne and hates her for it. Plus, she wants to drink her blood and look youthful again….. of course.

    • She has an Oscar now! Anne is one of the best actresses ever and is better than Angelina and Anne has prettier lips than Angelina! Anne has a great kick ass body too due to being in such great shape!

  • Aww, you guys are such haters. I love how genuine Anne is here, she is so nervous and shocked and thankful. You can tell she really didn’t think she was going to get it but it’s so awesome that she did. I can’t think of anyone else who would be happier to get it. She is so cute. (I don’t like her dress though).

  • Aww you guys don’t be mean… Public speaking is hard, especially when you’re starving yourself. The brain is the first part of the body you lose fat from.

  • I guess some people here must have those fancy shmancy computer dealies that let you seeinto other peoples computers and see what they look like eh?

    Ehhhhhh wait nope… you guys cant see each other can you?

    Every time i think ive found a cool website, they post on Angie.
    Then i cant read that web site any more because of all the loonies who like to call people ugly, when they know full well they cant see the other person.


    Im Lisa Renas Butt Hole With The Last Name Spelled Wrong On purpose and I approve this message :(

      • except its RINNA and its driving me crazy that he went to the trouble to come up with it only to spell it wrong

      • Hello read the bottom. Its spelled wrong on purpose because Lisa Rena is a brat who does not deserve to have her name spelled right. I had to meet with her and i didnt care for her attitude at all.

        She was Billy on Days of Our lives for chirst sake!
        thats not that freakin famous man.

        Also her mouth looks like a butt hole.
        Also who the hell told you I have a penis?
        For all you know i have BOTH.

    • Anne is really sweet and beautiful but at the same time has a hot kick ass figure due to her grueling workouts! The speech she gave was so great!

  • can anyone give angie a sandwich? and im not going to talk about how much i dislike anne, really so dont get me started.

  • She will protest Rick Warren but I bet she preaches keep an open mind on everything else. You must think like her or you are evil.

  • It’s the worst acceptance speech ever! I had to keep fast forwarding it! and finally to stop watching all together. can’t bear to watch anymore

  • I like Anne, I think she is more likable than Angelina and more real. Anne deserved that award because she has successfully managed to leap from her “Princess Diaries, Devil Wears Prada” type of roles into a more serious genre, which few actors can succeed to do (most of them end up being forgettable or known for that one role that made them famous for example Sean William Scott>>Stiffler). I did get a certain vibe from Angelina like she “knew” she was going to win. Anne felt like she didn’t deserve that award and she was really honest about who she thought should have won instead of her which is what I like about her.

    um yeah so congrats to Anne =]

  • Anne’s dress looked was like should I stand by this bitch or run? It was just awkward. She has a drowned raccoon look to me, I can’t explain it.

    The expression on Angelina’s face when Anne won the award was just perfection, I was laughing the entire time.

  • I liked the speech, it was pretty painful to watch in the beginning but it got better and made more sense towards the end. I mean this is the first major award she’s won and she tied with Meryl Streep! I would be surprised if she HADN’T reacted like that!

  • what crap anne hathaway cannot act, she always uses that same nasal voice in everything and rachel getting married is no exception…angelina has a right to be angry she is way more talented than anne!!!

  • They both look awful, they both have horrible dresses.. but Ange looks worse, because she looks dead, while Anne merely looks like a starved hawk.

  • Personally I think Anne was adorable. She seemed really touched in a very real way, she seemed as though she was genuinely happy to accept the award unlike many others.
    I’m quite happy that it went to someone that it apperantly meant quite a lot to. She didn’t seem high or crazy, she just seemed very, very happy. And no matter whether she has a horseface or not, that’s a good thing.

  • i though it was a really sweet speech. she looks so nervous and she talks about everyone else, and gives them credit. i dont understand why you thought it was bad. she was obviously really nervous which was cute. if any one is looking less than nice, it is angelina, she looks really made and just rude….

  • ya know, angelina did some pretty effed up stuff back in the day. I kinda can’t forget that, no matter how holier than thou she can seem.

  • Anne didn’t deserve that award!!!!!!!!!
    Angie should have gotten it

    Anne looked better when she was a bit rounder
    SHe looks so ugly now, everything is so big
    The teeth, my God are way too big
    Those droopy eyes not very pretty!

    Anne sweetheart, never ever pose next to Angie again

  • I liked anne’s speech. The only thing I don’t like about anne is the whole bf stealing money thing. If she didn’t know anything about it (i don’t see how) then i definately like her. And as far as her looks, I think she’s hot and way hotter than jolie. She’s kinda nerdy looking but she is gorgeous. Her nose makes her look nerdy is all. But i like her nose. Her eyes are gorgeous. She’s younger, a better actress, more respected, etc etc. She has way more going for her than angelina. Angelina is a joke to hollywood now.

  • And this speech gave me more respect for her. I like genuine actresses. I don’t like those that are “put together” and expect it like a snob. I like how she was so shocked and could barely speak. that was really sweet how she acted. More people should be proud of that.

  • One more thing lol, I hope she never gets a nose job. Her nose looks ten times better than these fools that cave and get a nose job. I f you guys saw her on the street you would, well most of you would think she was stunning and you wouldn’t think twice about her nose. I don’t blame you for criticizing her about the whole BF situation, other than that the girl seems like a good woman, that is assuming we aren’t talking about the BF and assuming we think she didn’t know or didn’t know all of it.

  • I think the Meryl streep thing had a lot to do with her role in the devil wears prada, also. So i don’t think it was all about she worships her, etc I think she was thinking wow that’s my co star or was I mean and she liked winning something with her. So I don’t think anyone felt disrespected when she gave her a lot of credit.

  • BTW, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you are so obsessed with homewrecker jolie that you think no one posting here could possibly be more beautiful “just cause you know” they aren’t more beautiful than her, then you have problems. YOu must be a stalker of hers. Everyone has their own opinion and no one has seen every woman in teh world and I guarantee that everyone can find someone they find more beautiful than her unless they are just nuts. Some even find her to be ugly. I find her to be average. Lately she looks greasy and veiny and anorexic. I think she used to be pretty. LIke maybe an 8. Not anymore.

  • how bout excited? excited to win? excited to be nominated?

    have you ever stumbled on your words before? when you were in complete utter shock?

    and angelina needs to stop being a hater clearly, she won a for a reason obviously people arent going to agree to that but thats life! get over it angelina

  • Awe Anne was just nervous obviously! I think that it’s great that she won an award! . But i do love Angelina’s face though BAHAHAHHAA.

  • Before Anne.. after Angelina. Anne has a bunch of problems.. she is like so overwhelmed with problems only Amy Winehouse could understand.

  • C¿mon people, i love both actress, here in mexico is not release yet both films so i can judge performance, but as i know, angie makes such a great job and i can imagine the excelent work that she made with eastwood. Anne is such adorable, but looks awful thAT night and i’m confused about angies expression coz, she looks in one part like a bitch and in other like she don’t care.

    but remember that angie that night went sleep with benjamin button lol, while anne went sleep with… her award… so i don’t thin that angie be mad or jelous i think she felt pitty for the speech of poor anne.

    i mean she really made a disaster on stage but, c’mon she is adorable, i just pray that she practice en her home or take lessons of how to speak when she won another award that i hope she have more coz she deserves it.

    and angie she has all that mortal people want, she is extremely beauty, has perfect kids and perfect roomate… so don’t mess with her!! lol. she is way much better than aniston, sorry about that but it’s true i just love aniston in friends, and in dirt for the kiss with courteney cox. i think angie is so thin coz so much sex!!! lol

    sorry but my english… adios.

  • Dude… Anne Hathaways nose is GIANT in this photo. Something about standing next to Angelina Jolie makes her look worse than usual.

  • Mangie’s ears are Huge!! I bet if she wiggles them at all she would take off in flight.
    She also has the botox shine.
    She needs to relax that face a little and perhaps she won’t look so mad all the time.

  • on the flip side, in this pic angie could totally be anne’s rich, stuck-up high-society, plastic-surgery-ridden mother who wishes anne would brush her hair better and stand up straight. right?!

  • Angie, sweetie, it’s called food. We humans eat it. You used to be so beautiful now you look like crap.

    As for Anne, that wasn’t actually so bad. I can see how she would annoy you though beet.

  • I have to say…
    Angelina’s face always looks like that to me; coy smile, relaxed eyes, as if she’s saying….I’m know I’m better than you but I have enough sense to never publicly admit it.”
    She gives me the creepers.
    As for Anne…she obviously wasn’t expecting it! So genuine. Awkward, but genuine.

  • Anne is simply more beautiful and is a better actress than Angelina. Anne also has the best smile in hollywood! Anne is try deserving.

    • Anne really has great arms! She’s known for her incredible legs but her arms are so beautiful and toned and super strong!

  • Angelina was not just beaten by Anne, but Anne is more beautiful too and Anne has a better body and even more beautiful lips!

  • Anne is a better actress and she is better looking and has a better body and even her lips are more beautiful!

  • Anne is gorgeous! Too bad but Angelina just isn’t nearly as good an actress as Anne and Anne is so high energy because she is in such great shape!

  • Anne Hathaway is more beautiful, has better arms, legs, and abs, prettier lips, and is a much better actress than Angelina!

  • Anne is down to earth unlike many Hollywood actresses! Anne has won so many awards because she’s an extremely talented actress. Anne is more beautiful than Angelina and that includes her lips and Anne is in extremely great shape with a kick ass body.

    • Many people underestimate Anne! She’s 5 foot 8 but her super long super toned legs make them hotter than those of women over 6 feet! Her legs are so incredible!

      • Anne Hathaway has better legs than many top athletes! Her legs are so strong and beautiful! She has great super strong arms too!

  • Anne has one of the best bodies in Hollywood due to her incredible workout routine, even better than Angelina! Anne has a prettier smile and prettier lips too and Anne is a better actress!

  • Angelina is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. Anne Hathaway is an even better actress and that is why Anne beat Angelina. It doesn’t hurt that Anne is even more beautiful than Angelina too!

  • Anne Hathaway is prettier than Angelina Jolie. Anne is incredibly beautiful especially her perfect smile!
    Anne has a better body than Angelina due to her incredibly grueling workouts and she has longer more gorgeous legs!
    Anne is a much better actress than Angelina which is why she won and was very graceful doing so.

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