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The Sanjaya Memoir???



When you’re releasing your “memoirs” at the age of 19, it can only go downhill from there.

Along with his EP, due January 20, Sanjaya Malakar will be releasing a book, Dancing To The Music In My Head: Memoirs Of the People’s Idol. It follows him from his pre-fame days to his rise through the reality competition to life after “Idol.”

Wow, dude, you’re like almost a full two years late on capitalizing on this shit. That memoir needed to hit bookstores in, like, May 2007. Good luck with this, kiddo. When you’re ready to talk about your extreme gayness, then you’ll sell books.

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  • I didn’t even know he could be called “famous”, leave alone reading HIS memoirs! Even if you are 19, if you’ve been through so much in life, maybe you’d have something worthy to say. But in his case – why, in the name of God, would anyone wish to read his memoirs when he is hardly known by anyone out of the US. No, no…actually when he is NOT known by anybody out of the States.


  • Excerpt from Sanja’s riveting memoir:

    Thursday: I blow dried my hair today and brushed bleach on my teeth. God, I really love my hair. And my teeth. I also sang in the shower. God I’m good. I hope everyone learns from me that if you work hard, you may appear in a Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company ad in India like I did.

    Friday: I blow dried my hair and brushed bleach on my teeth. I am hoping to sing at the Charmin World Convention in Spokane, Washington next week. I know they will bow down to my awesome vocal stylings. It’s this type of knowledge that lead me to believe that I should write this memoir. I can’t wait to be on Oprah…

  • This kid has the balls to call himself “The People’s Idol”? Seriously? He was a novelty for being so gay and having long hair. No real talent

  • That’s funny. My friend has that shirt. American Eagle maybe?
    I’m not sure if that’s a good thing for my friend or a bad thing for Sanjaya.

  • what kind of sad,sick people write comments like these???????First, Sanjaya is not Gay,but if he was so what?Gay people are talented also!The press gave Sanjaya the name the people’s idol,because he was the most searched male on the internet.,and receieved more votes than anyone,but they rigged it and got him off so he could quickly do all the publicity about am idol and himself.The press,including Larry King,cared about Sanjaya only.Everyone wanted him on their show,there wasn’t enough Sanjaya to go around.The qualified mentors on the Show said Sanjaya had a beautiful voice,and thought he showed more promise than most.Sanjaya has a beautifil voice and your comments aren’t funny and your humor is passe!