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Look Who’s Walking! (Sort of.)

Nicole Richie and Harlow Madden Pictures Photos

Harlow Madden takes some very adorable steps at a playground in LA yesterday.

God, I like Nicole soooo much better now that she’s a mom.

Unfortunately, I still think the gigantic drug and alcohol relapse is on its way.

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      • You have no idea what he looked like as a child, and come to that most children look the same at this stage.

        You’re ugly,
        No, you are
        No, you,
        Takes one to know one
        So’s your face!

        Hmmm, wrap it up ladies.

  • im sure those shoes look cuter than they feel. babies that age should be wearing just enough to protect their little feet.

  • I doubt a relapse will happen. It looks like Harlow has managed to stabilize Nicole’s life, she looks much healthier and happier now with the kiddo. Who btw, is absolutely adorable! =)

  • everybody always has something negative to say….especially with it comes to celebrities’ children.

    I stand firm in my opinion no infant is “ugly” *and please spare me any comments of birth defects…i.e. harlequin babies, F.A.S.D., etc. I’m in college to be a neonatal nurse practitioner….My opinion is that every life is precious and no child should be belittled or made fun of. Besides, physically speaking their child is adorable.

    Having a child has positive effects on most women with unstable lives. Nicole seems to be proving herself to be an excellent mother with her priorities in order.

    Personally, I applaud her for being an excellent mother and congratulate her and Joel for their second arrival!

  • *side note*

    The comment on Nicole’s hair extensions wrecking havoc on her natural hair growth….It could be due to the fact that many women go through what’s known as postpartum Alopecia (loss of hair in women after pregnancy) if any change has happened at all. The condition is actually quite common.

  • I am a proffesional nanny, work for high profile people, you have turn your life into a great beginning with children, when life throws you a curve remember you now have a chance by being a mother to add something great to our world, let your children help express your creativity with you, I have been a childcare provider for over twenty years. lots
    of love to your family