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I Am Just Going to Call Him “Cow Poo” for Short


Lisa Bonet and her boyfriend, Stargate: Atlantis star Jason Momoa, had a baby and named him Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

I was trying to pronounce it and I kept getting hung up on the “kauapo” part. I hope that’s pronounced like “cow poo,” because that’s what I’m gonna call this kid, because honestly that would be less ridiculous than the name they actually gave him.

Also did anyone else know that Lisa Bonet legally changed her name to Lilakoi Moon in 1995? I had no idea. Otherwise I would have made a point of making fun of her for that every time I mentioned her.

This is Lilakoi’s third kid — Zoe Kravitz is 20 years and daughter Lola (with Jason Momoa) is 20 months.

She plans to procreate again in 2026.

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  • At least she makes pretty babies. Nothing worse than an ugly kid. You can’t make fun of them because it automatically make you an asshole.

  • well, she’s 12 years older than him
    and petite
    he’s quite tall and handsome
    she certainly has her ways
    and I believe the kids look great
    and very exotic

  • I’m wondering when you are going to mention rebecca romijn and jerry o’connell’s twin girls dolly and charlie? at least their names arent as crazy as lisa’s little boy, I bet he is a cutie though, the little girl lola is adorable!

  • What will these stars think of again? Anywaybeing a star gives her the freedom to do and say what she wants even if it means embarrassing their own offspring. He will have a hell of a time when he enters preschool. ‘coo pu’? An idiot can do better than that!!!!!!!

    • Well, she’s not exactly a movie star. She was on the Cosby Show and they tried to give her a spin off (A Different World). Then she went all black hippie like Lenny Kravitz so they gave her the boot. So basically she’s a ex teen star.

  • Ha ha, Hawai’ian names can get kind of ridiculous. I’m a little bit Hawai’ian, and it’s always amusing when my family gets birth announcements or Christmas cards from our cousins on Maui… the full names sometimes take up 2 lines!

  • he’s like ‘ow your hurting my eyes’ cute. it’s like ‘enuf already guy i GET IT. you peeled yourself off a poster. now go away.’

  • While you are entitled to your opinion, there would be nothing weird about this name in Hawaii — except maybe the hyphen between Nakoa and Wolf. The kid will not have a problem pronouncing the name. I’m sure he’ll be proud of his Hawaiian heritage. BTW Manakauapo would be pronounced Mana-Cow-Ah-Poe not “Cow-Poo.” *lol* I work at a preschool in Hawaii, and the kids have no prob pronouncing names, no matter how many vowels or glottal stops involved.

  • i’m more concerned that they named him wolf, there’s nothing wrong with a nice, albeit ridiculously long hawaiian name.

    all of my cousins have names that long, i feel like i got jipped cuz mine is so short. but seriously, the only weird part of his name is “wolf.” you people can be as ignorant as you want…but that part will probably cause him more embarrassment then any of the hawaiian parts.

  • I did know about that, because when Lenny Kravitz had his own “VH1 – Behind The Music”, and they discussed her, would call her Lisa and then stop…roll his eyes… and say “Oh, I mean, Lilo Mooon, or whatever”


  • yes its cruel, a very cruel name. how can she hate her own kid?? i think the worst part is wolf, i mean.. haha

  • Yes, we Hawaiians tend to have long names. There’s a tradition to recieving a Hawaiian name. (I wouldn’t advise googling it or looking it up on online at all. Call someone in the Hawaiian Studies department at the University of Hawai’i to learn more.) Some long, some short, but more often than not, your Hawaiian name will have a last effect on your personality and life. Is it silly that this child’s first name is Nakoa-Wolf (Wolf Warrior)? Maybe. But someone took some major time and effort in find exactly the right name for him. I hope that I have the same luck when I have kids. Besides, Manakauapo Namakaeha is a way cooler name than Stephen or Richard or Fidel. It’s personalized just for him. I’m proud of my Hawaiian name. It’s short, but it came from my grandmother. She’s gone, but I carry my name and culture with pride.

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