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Balthazar’s Out!


America hates him, the U.K. hates him, and it looks like the producers of his hit TV show, Brothers & Sisters, feel the same way. The filthy womanizer, who left his wife alone with a newborn baby while he frolicked around the world with Sienna Miller, is being written out of the series ASAP, say sources.

According to sources who work on the fan-favorite ABC drama, the show’s writers and producers have rewritten certain scenes and storylines in order to phase out Balthazar Getty, who plays Tommy Walker, before the current season ends.

“Episode 19 is expected to be his last,” one well-placed insider tells us.

Getty’s rep says “not true.” The show’s rep declined comment.

Ewww, good for them. This guy is so gross and selfish. I hope this is the last we see of this creepazoid.

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  • Now, if only the New England Patriots would write off Tom Brady the precedent would be set:

    No leaving your pregnant significant other for some little hottie or you will lose your cush job.

  • i think the man rule book says you can’t leave your wife if (a) she just had your child, or (b) she has a terminal disease. i guess big balz and john edwards forgot that one

    • A Child i a gift from God.
      Playing with other gals by he&his-kind is deep selfishness.
      A playboy is a gift for Devil.

      I know this with smiles on ma face and big giggles (sex don’t matter), but without these clowns, would empty-headed people ever get their rumors, bread and circuses to fill their empty lives and hunger of useless trivia?
      What would happen to paparazzis and motorcycle -industry – chain on from this and you’ll see visions ‘without revelations’ of Angels and clouds. Nah, it’s much better, quaranteed!

      Love to y’all good people of this planet, may God bless those
      who allows,


  • Good! I can’t stand to see him on there anymore, all I can think of is lying cheating waste of carbon matter asshole when he’s onscreen. Plus his character on there has turned into an ass too. He was cheating on his storyline wife too for a while!

    • Unless the do something really stupid, I think it will be fine. He’s the least interesting character on the show.

  • he was a child actor if anyone remembers. he was really cute too, though i couldn’t tell you what he was in. river phoenix era. and i do believe then he went and became a junkie.

    unless that’s old news.

    • Holy crud, I think I have been living under a rock because I totally didn’t realize that’s who he is. Geezola! No wonder I think he’s cute. He IS cute. He’s that-guy-from-that-movie kinda guy…..!!! Dang it. Wow.

  • I feel bad for his wife. If he wasn’t interested in her anymore he could at least make an effort to be ‘smart’ and divorce her instead of cheating out in public. He may be good looking but he’s got shit for brains.

    What I find a bit weird is, why hasn’t his wife hasn’t ditched him? if she is aware about what is happening…wouldn’t it make more sense to divorce him, get half his money and humiliate him for it? lol

    • Well, he’s not a hugely successful actor, but he is a Getty, so most of his money will likely be tied up in family trusts. I don’t mean to suggest that she is staying for financial reasons, but if she were affected by financial factors (and while raising 4 kids, who wouldn’t be), she may not want to divorce him now (perhaps after the kids are grown) because any money in family trusts is inaccessable.

  • Much as I think he’s a jerk, I don’t think it has anything at all to do with his acting ability, and it’ll really piss me off if they write him off of the show. For those of you who haven’t seen Brothers & Sisters, its literally only about the Walker family, of which his character Tommy is a part of. I don’t see how they can write him off without having a big snag in the storyline.
    It’s also annoying how people look to celebrities personal lives as if it has anything to do with their ability. Michael Jackson is a creepy man, yet his albums sell millions. Who cares what a star looks like or does in their personal time, as long as they deliver on the set?

  • I do not think it has anything to do with his affair with Miller but his behaviour on set which has been erratic and he has been in terrible moods, if you are in another profession and you not deliver you get sacked no different in the acting profession.

    • Although lots of articles have been writen (at least over here in the UK) about how Miller has lost/not been considered for lots of work because of her reputation for sleeping with married men. Maybe all the studio executives’ wives have had words ;)

  • although lots of articles have been writen, about sienna miller. here in the uk. we all know that shes going out with balthazar getty. ask yourself this one question, why was balthazar getty, sleeping on other peoples sofias. when he was still with his wife & family. iv meet sienna miller shes very nice. i wont say she its sienna miller dont judge a book by its cover.